Spring into Yoga

Spring into Yoga 
Instructor: Gerry Turvey
Mon 27 May £10.00 11am-1pm 
followed by shared picnic.

Spring clean your Chakras for emotional and physical well-being.

All Welcome

Spring is a good time to focus on growth, cleansing, and new horizons.
This workshop is an opportunity to find a deeper connection to self and understand how different energies flow through the body.
There are 7 Chakras in the body that can be stimulated and rebalanced through Yoga Practice.

In this workshop Gerry will explain where the Chakras are located how the different Chakras have different qualities and characteristics and function in your life.
She will offer poses and sequences aimed
at rebalancing Chakra energy in the body. We will start with our foundation the feet the Earth Chakra and work upwards towards the Heart Chakra.
This will encourage a stable foundation and a sense of clarity and compassion.
The workshop will finish with some longer restorative poses, and a long savasana , and then we can share food together. If the weather is nice we can venture outside.

Cost £10 per person, Please bring food to share

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