Rocket Yoga Workshop – PINCHA MAYURASANA

Pincha Mayurasana or Feathered Peacock Pose is a tricky pose to become accomplished in. This workshop will provide you with the key postures and techniques to work with in order to make progress in this amazing posture. We will flow through the Rocket sequence bringing in additional moves and then focus on Pincha technique. Not suitable for those with shoulder injury.

This workshop will focus on the fabulous Pincha Mayurasanaa, Feathered Peacock Pose. This is one pose that takes not only strength and flexibility but continued practice and dedication.
The first hour will be spent on the Rocket flow adding in appropriate postures and variations to prepare the body for our work for Pincha Mayurasana.

The second hour will focus on the specifics required for Pincha. In particular a focus on a float up technique rather than a “throw” yourself up and hope for the best!

However far you are in your Pincha or maybe approaching this pose for the first time you will learn the key poses and techniques to assist you with free balance (yep – without a wall –eventually!).
Sarah has been working on Pincha Mayurasana for two years. Some days she floats up, others she doesn’t! This is Pincha!

Rocket is a fun, energetic and flowing sequence that is taken from the traditional Ashtanga system. It offers accessible modifications for everyone so that all practitioners can enjoy and achieve elements of the poses to suit them. By blending asana mainly from the primary and secondary series of Ashtanga and by utilising the Ujjayi breath the rocket system will leave you feeling vibrant, invigorated and joyful!

Not suitable if you have any shoulder injuries or issues. This workshop is not suitable for Beginners.

Date to be announced in New Year