Yoga and Yamuna- the Psoas and Hips Workshop

Discover your anatomy!! Discover your psoas!! The psoas is a primary muscle in all of our movements as well as being known as a deep centre of our emotional wellbeing. In yoga, the psoas plays an important role in every asana. In backbends, a released psoas allows the front of the thighs to lengthen and the leg to move independently from the pelvis. In standing poses and forward bends, the thighs can’t fully rotate outward unless the psoas is released. All yoga poses are enhanced by a released rather than shortened psoas. The psoas needs to be toned and have a healthy function to support you physically as well as emotionally.

Whether you suffer from a sore back or anxiety, from knee strain or exhaustion, there’s a good chance that this muscle might be contributing to your troubles. Getting in touch with this deeply buried muscle can be humbling at first. You may discover that you’ve been doing many poses by contracting your core, instead of relying on your skeleton for support and allowing your more peripheral muscles to organize around a toned but flowing and spacious center. But if you persevere, this work can add new insight, openness, and stability to your practice. Through yamuna body rolling we can actually discover and make contact with this muscle, wake it up and release tension.

Initially we will  work through the main hip sequences. Rolling out the glutes, outer hip, inner hip and into the belly we will discover how much our hips affect our posture, our back and our movements as well as leg alignment and weight into the feet. We will then discover our psoas and tune in to how we feel afterwards. You will be surprised at how much more lifted, energised and lighter you feel through the whole body.

Once we have rolled we will go through a stabilizing and grounding yoga practice. No previous experience required. All welcome.

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