A Beginners Yoga Retreat Guide!

A beginners yoga retreat could help you to make some positive changes to enhance your health and well being. Take some time for yourself and meeting some great people.

What should you expect from a beginners yoga retreat?

You can unwind, rest from the everyday chores of life and re-set, helping you to see things from a clearer perspective with a calmer, less busy mind. Retreats give you time to just be, to re-evaluate your circumstances and take time out to reflect.

Who will I meet?

As retreats often attract like minded people, you’re sure to meet to some lovely folk with similar interests (yoga for one!) and often lasting friendships are made. There will be lots of time to talk to others on the retreat, the yoga teacher and other retreat leaders or maybe you would prefer some quiet time in your room or take yourself off after practice to absorb the beautiful surroundings alone or with a friend. Or, maybe take a well overdue nap!

I’m a very new beginner, will I be ok?

You’ll have chance to practice yoga twice daily which will help you develop a regular yoga practice when you return home. As it’s beginners level you can practice with confidence under the watchful eye of the teacher. They will help you every step of the way, evaluate your needs and accommodate them.

The Yoga teacher will be with you before and after practice to discuss any elements you want to ask questions about. You may be introduced to new ideas or concepts such as meditation or breathing techniques. These are all aimed at introducing you to a healthier, less stressful and more peaceful way of life. What’s not to like!

What will I eat?

The food will be delicious, nutritious and prepared for you. Consisting of vegetarian/vegan fare,  other dietary requirements can be catered for.  You may feel inspired to cook more healthy vegetarian or vegan food yourself after the retreat.

How do I spend my time?

Yoga, walking, napping, reading, chatting… this is the beauty of a retreat – it’s your time, it’s for you to choose how to spend it. Whatever works for you and makes you happy. Retreats can be a life changing experience, a place where you can feel at ease and experience some tranquillity.

Sound good? Join us on one of our upcoming yoga retreats.

Our fabulous Beginners Yoga and Walking retreat in Nidderdale in July could just be the thing you need.

Relax and enjoy the yoga, the walks and surroundings. Read more including the full schedule here.

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