Being Present For Our Children and Ourselves- A Phone Free Zone

So I am here alone in my tiny caravan just south of York off the A19 towards Selby on a tiny campsite on a working farm. There’s a water tap and a loo and that’s about it apart from the beautiful fields surrounding us with the cows and their calf’s and a superb English oak tree in the field we are camped in.

I say I’m alone , I’m here with my 2 girls age 10 and 12 and their two mates but they are currently playing Frustration sat on a picnic blanket and and enjoying the fresh air following a day of 35° , yep 35°! What’s all that about in England,? …Another story, another time… But woo blooming hoo , they are playing a board game and  not on their phones or watching U tube – mission accomplished!!!!! (possibly because there is no WiFi – Yay to that !).
When we arrived in that 35° heat it was hard work setting up with my other half (who , promptly left once set up!)
I made a ” caravan tea” for the kids who then proceeded to have a  stupendous water fight  under the oak tree! Hooray, no phones, no moans about no WiFi or TV !! Mission accomplished.
The youngest two have just come back to say they are having a dance competition, yay,! No phones,! Mission accomplished!
So why do I share this with you,? Presence. I’ve gone from feeling the sun on my face and the sweat of 35° heat on my skin, the dampness of my clothes and the stickiness of my  hair against my neck. I’ve watched the sun go down and felt the temperature start to mildly descend.
As the kids have been playing (no phones!) I have watched the leaves of that big English oak sway gently in the summer breeze. I have seen the wasps trying to get at the fruit juice, how many I have rescued today from that cup? As the sun goes down it’s so peaceful apart from the odd squeal of laughter from the kids over there. How lovely( no phones!).
The call of the wood pigeons starts to cease as the night begins to draw in. I can feel  a storm brewing after this gorgeous, hot day, the sky darkens as I write, clouding over, the breeze increases and I can see the sides of the Caravan awning flapping in the evening wind.  I know I am going to hear the drops of rain start soon but for now I’m content to hear the sounds of my children and their friends laughing ,(still no phones!!)  and the breeze among the branches and leaves of  that big old English oak , ahhh …aren’t we lucky,…….
oh crikey the kids are coming back and I’m being asked to judge a dance competition, ( still no phones though, it’s a winner!)
Feel the breeze , love the trees , take pride in our beautiful children for they are the tomorrow. Live the here and now. It’s the simplest and most present things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. Namaste ….
Sarah Blenkhorn
Sarah teaches on Monday and Wednesday evenings and runs workshops and retreats for The Yoga Space

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