Finding Connection through AcroYoga

Finding Connection through AcroYoga by Matthew Goode

We’ve all got our lessons to learn, sometimes they’re more obvious; things that we do that we know aren’t the best for us, decisions we make and re-make, despite knowing we should maybe be doing something different. Then there are the more hidden lessons, lessons which something needs to trigger; like a match lighting a fuse, the explosion of which gives way to a profound realisation. The discovery of AcroYoga falls into the second category of lessons for me, I simply had no understanding of what it could show me, until the trigger was set and my eyes were opened.

There are many walls that society tricks us into constructing; that we’re different, we have nothing in common, that we don’t really ‘want’ to be friends or social with one another. It’s so easy to accept this way of thinking, to walk our paths in life with our heads down, uninterested or too scared to lift them up to say hello. The thing is we’re not alone on this path and sometimes all we need a little bump or jolt to help us see this, something to get us to look up for a second, to come into the present moment, to open our eyes to our true reality.
I never imagined AcroYoga could be one such ‘bump’, I was only going to try it as I had nothing better to do, there was no intention to do it again in the future, no expectation that it might be able to bring something special to my life. But as we moved through my first class there was an unexpected moment; I was told to take a complete strangers hand, to look them in the eyes and to take a deep breath together. At that point I smiled at them, they smiled back and my world was spun on its axis. All I’d had to do was look up from the ground and in doing so I’d found a whole class of people waiting to connect. The truly amazing thing is that this connection is always on offer in AcroYoga and every time I walk into a class I’m reminded that this is the real magic life has to offer; to connect, interact, share, support, play. Through this realisation AcroYoga has made the path I’m walking feel brighter, more vibrant, more interesting, more full of life and most importantly it has made it a happier path to walk.

In AcroYoga I’ve found something that can change the world for the better, not because it’s magical or revolutionary, but simply because it changed the way I see the world and if given a chance, I think it can change the way you see it as well.

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