ash improvers

Ashtanga Improvers

For students ready to move on from a Beginners Class. This class will look more in depth at Primary Series including back-bending and the finishing sequence. To join this class you must have a good practice up to at least Navasana in Primary Series.

What to expect in our Ashtanga Improvers class

  • Our main focus in this class is teaching from the breath which allows for a calmness and focus and develops a flowing energy to your Yoga practice.
  • This flowing class is aimed students who have a regular Yoga practice. It requires an understanding of breath, bhandas and a good knowledge of the first half of Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.
  •  This class is dynamic and invigorating and will often be traditionally counted with hands on adjustments from the teacher.
  • The class will lead through most of the Primary Series, sometimes exploring postures from Intermediate Series and Inversions.
  • Students are expected to take more ownership of their practice and listen to their bodies.
  • We recommend that students at this level are practicing 2 to 3 times a week.

What are the benefits of our Improvers class

  • Yoga develops all round health, flexibility, strength and balance.
  • Great for building stamina and strength with specific techniques for accessing trickier postures.
  • This class will energise you and help you develop a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well being.
  • The class continues to build on the foundations from Beginners classes and will enhance strength, flexibility and stamina

Need To Know

  • Mondays 8-9.15pm with Sarah livestream on zoom or in studio from 17th May
  • Anyone with some yoga experience or ready to move on from beginners
  • Not suitable during pregnancy
  • Please let us know about any injuries or medical conditions prior to starting the class.


Revive and RelaxSaturday 22nd May 12pm-2pm

A full Body Rolling experience including feet, legs, torso and face. All levels welcome. Equipment provided. Discover a more deeply relaxed, centred, aligned and tension free self in this fantastic workshop. we start from the feet and work our way up using different sized balls. We finish with a 20 minute face sequence and a deep relaxation. Please bring a yoga mat, a pillow and a blanket with you.

The Pelvis Part 1- Saturday 5th June 12pm-1.30pm– Working on bones, lifting and spreading and activation

The Pelvis Part 2- Saturday 26th June 12pm-1.30pm– Working on muscles around pelvis and into hips

. Join Nichi for this very important Yamuna Body Rolling Work. Working on the pelvis allows for many other areas of the body to also change and realign.You will find that the sides of the pelvis are never aligned with each other,

*because people use them differently. These differences are what cause the many types of imbalance that result in pain and chronic pelvic and hip problems.
* People almost always bear more weight into one side of the pelvis than the other.
* One hip is usually higher than the other.
*One hip is farther back or farther forward than the other.
* Other habitual postural patterns, as well as patterns in work, sports, and hobbies, also contribute to pelvis imbalances.
Additional contributing factors:
* Injuries
* Pregnancies and postpartum conditions of the pelvis
In addition, chronic weight-bearing from the upper body—whether correctly aligned or
not—exerts excessive pressure down into the pelvis.
Pelvis work is as important for both men and women. It will help maintain a solid pelvic foundation throughout life. The hips are one area where people often get stuck. The routines that follow address the areas of the pelvis
that take the most impact during standing, walking, and running, and where it is easiest to access the bone and improve its quality.

In both workshops we will start with foot alignment and activation as it is important to realign the feet first.

Book All 3 Workshops for only £45 or 1 workshop for £20. Just choose the first workshop and select pass.

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