Beginners Yoga

This is a key class for anyone new to Yoga, and you don’t have to wait for a course to start. You will learn the key foundations of Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga (with modifications for  those with tight hips and hamstrings).

What to expect in our Beginners Yoga class

  • We use the basis of vinyasa yoga for our beginners classes with a focus on  strength, mobility and breath. To help build a healthy body and mind. Just what we need as beginners.
  • Our main focus in this class is teaching from the breath which allows for a calmness and focus and develops a flowing energy to your Yoga practice.
  • During the class you will learn the key foundations and start to develop; Breath and Movement Synchronicity, Core Strength, Alignment, Strength, stamina and Flexibility, Meditation and relaxation

What are the benefits of starting with Beginners Yoga?

  • It is a great class to get your Yoga practice going or to restart and refresh your practice after time off.
  • Good foundations, as you receive from this class, are the key to a strong, lifelong practice
  • Yoga as a whole develops all round health, flexibility, strength and balance.
  • This class will energise you and help you develop a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Useful Information

  • Buy our Try Yoga Pass– Only £20 for new students
  • Please discuss any injuries or medical conditions with the teacher prior to starting class.
  • Suitable for Pregnancy from 2nd Trimester if you already have a Yoga practice.
  • All the following classes are suitable for beginners:
    • Monday 6.30pm – Yoga All Levels– Sarah
    • Tuesday  8pm – Beginners Yoga-Nichi
    • Wednesday 8pm – Beginners Vinyasa Flow-Steph
    • Thursday 8pm- Authentic Vinyasa For Beginners– with Louise ( please email for this class. Not included with yoga space pricing)