Slow Flow

This open-level Slow Flow class will move and challenge your whole body and nourish your soul, in a relaxed informal atmosphere. Classes often have a changing focus, such as shoulders or hips, but will always start with meditation and finish with feeling amazing.

What to expect in our Yoga class

  • Open-level flow classes are open to both (complete) beginners and the more experienced.
  • The classes have a relaxed, informal atmosphere to provide nourishment for the body and soul!
  • Each class opens with a short mindfulness meditation to bring awareness to the body and breath.
  • The class contains varying sequences and poses to keep the body challenged, yet will have enough familiarity to aid progression.
  • You will get detailed instructions for alignment in postures.
  • Poses will include a wide range of movements to increase strength and flexibility.
  • Often the class will have a particular theme each week e.g. focusing on a body part (such as hamstrings, core, shoulders) or breaking-down and preparing-for a particular posture.
  • Don’t worry about your level of practice or experience, all postures are adapted to the needs of the individual and modifications are offered to ensure you can practise safely

What are the benefits of Slow Flow

  • The classes are fun and challenging so you’ll leave feeling upbeat and ready for life.
  • You’ll work on strength and flexibility, and building awareness in areas of your body.
  • The joy of going slowly through a flow means you’ll build the foundations for challenging poses without even realising.
  • You’ll be practicing controlling your thoughts and breath (much more of challenge when moving slowly).

Useful Information

  • Thursdays 6pm-7pm zoom only with Angela ( starts 24th June 21)
  • This class is suitable for all levels, and fine for Pregnancy up to 2nd Trimester.

Angela is an absolute gem. She is an outstanding instructor who offers gentle advice and encouragement for all levels while keeping a light, fun tone to her classes. She adapts her classes to cater for all. Her sequences are well thought out and you will definitely get to wake up your muscles and give them a good stretch. If you are new to yoga or experienced, I would highly recommend her classes.”

Slow Flow Student