Ashtanga Mysore Style

Traditional method of learning the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga, with renowned Ashtanga Yoga teacher Joey Miles. Joey is one of the most highly regarded Ashtanga teachers in the UK and we are blessed to have him running his Ashtanga Mysore studio here in Leeds.

What to expect from our Mysore style Ashtanga class

  • Students are not led by a teacher. Joey will guide and adjust students individually therefore the experience of the practice becomes much more personal.
  • Traditionally this is the way Ashtanga is taught in Mysore, India. The focus of a Mysore class is to empower you to develop the practice as your own.
  • You can arrive anytime and do as much or as little as you are able. Learning this way encourages the discipline of self-practice and coordinating your movements with your breath.
  • You have the opportunity to be guided by the length of your own breath, not that of the teacher.

The benefits of Mysore style Ashtanga

  • In these classes you begin to make the transition from student to being your own teacherMysore classes help this transition by giving you more space to listen to your body’s wisdom, without unnecessary input from the teacher.
  • Ashtanga is a moving meditation that builds strength, flexibility and balance.
  • This is a very powerful way of practicing Yoga and you will find that once you begin you will really develop a deeper connection to your Yoga practice.
  • A Mysore class develops your practice in a way that is tailored to you.
  • Meditative and focused Ashtanga Mysore Style is transformative and liberating.

Mysore Class Details- Please note that these classes have paused during current Covid Pandemic. Contact http://www.ashtangayogaleeds,com

Classes: run between 6.30am and 9.30am, which means that you can start anytime between 6.30 and 8.30am. The studio opens at 6am so you can start practice then but Joey will start teaching at 6.30.

Payment: Please note Yoga Space  Class Passes or memberships cannot be used on these classes. Please click here for more info. No booking required though it is advised that you attend an Intro to Mysore Workshop before attending this class. Payment direct to Joey or Rachel on arrival.

Location: All classes are held at our beautiful Chapel on Meanwood Road. Parking is available in our car park and at the front of the building for up to 2 hours. Outside office hours you can park at the back or in the car park across the road.

Who Should Join

Want to learn yoga at your own pace and receive individual instruction? Want to be empowered to practice at home? Don’t be shy! All levels of students are welcome, including complete beginners.”


Yogi practicing reclined pigeon pose at Yoga Space Leeds