Yamuna Body Rolling Online Courses

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Yamuna body rolling is the perfect sister practice to yoga. We roll on specially designed balls, stimulating the bone and releasing muscles, to create space, realign and soften fascia. Perfect for those with problem areas or injuries.

This class is unique not only in Leeds but also in the UK. It is a wonderful practice for levels of experience.

What to expect in a Yamuna Body Rolling class

  • This technique uses a set of specifically designed balls to stimulate bone and release tension from muscles, fascia and ligaments.
  • You will be slowly moving parts of your body on the ball in a massaging type way. Building awareness, strength and control.
  • We will always roll the legs and back and you can expect focus on shoulders and neck as these are the areas where we hold most tension.
  • Created by yoga teacher Yamuna Zake, there are only a handful of Yamuna practitioners in the UK and Nichi is dedicated to bringing this fantastic bodywork to her Yoga students.

The benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling

  • Body Rolling works quickly in a very detailed and focused way.
  • Excellent if you have specific problems/ injuries or recurrent body tension.
  • This class is great if you find that you have certain postures that you feel quite stuck with in your yoga practice.
  • Your alignment will improve as well as your ability to breathe more deeply and freely.
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of your anatomy and of your body from taking this class.
  • You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Check out Nichi teaching Yamuna here;

Please Note: Yamuna Balls needed to join in. You can buy them online from yamunabodytherapy.com
Other details: All equipment provided and you can buy balls at the end of the class for home practice.

Location: All classes are held at our beautiful Chapel on Meanwood Road, Leeds. Parking is available in our car park and at the front of the building for up to 2 hours. Outside office hours you can park at the back or in the car park across the road.

Who Should Join

Anyone who wants to learn more about their practice and their bodies and discover a safe type of body work that can be done any time. Suitable for all levels from 18 years. Especially great if you have a lot of tension/ discomfort in legs, back or shoulders.

Please discuss any injuries or medical conditions with the teacher prior to starting class. Nichi can often show you specific routines that can help. Suitable for Pregnancy from 2nd Trimester.


Woman in reclined yoga poseYoga students practicing slow flow cat and cow pose at Yoga Space Leeds