Yamuna Body Rolling

Yamuna Body Rolling Class for all levels. Perfect after exercise or a yoga class. Release, soften and open the body. Different focus each month. Booking essential.


This fantastic class will help you free up your body, align, make space and bring you into a calm and relaxed state. Yamuna body rolling is an incredible system created by yoga teacher Yamuna Zake who is a visonary in the field of body work.  Some weeks we will work on a specific area of the body in order to enable and enhance our practice.

Nichi is one of only a handful of practitioners in the U.K and is currently studying to become a Yamuna teacher trainer. This is a unique class and will heighten your body awareness, inform your technique and improve your breath and focus as well as teach you about anatomy. Suitable for students with some previous yoga experience.

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Who Should Join

Yoga students with some yoga experience who want to inform and develop there practice and body awareness.

Pregnancy & Post Natal

Not suitable for pregnant students

Medical Condition

Contact us first