Help I’m A Yoga Teacher!!

So you have completed a yoga teacher training? Now what? Gone are the days when teaching yoga was an unusual occupation. It’s now very common and mainstream. When you are on your teacher training you are in this wonderful bubble of learning and practicing with your training group and teachers there to support you. Your course ends and you are on your own trying to navigate the world of being self-employed, marketing and setting up classes not to mention class planning and self practice. It can be a lonely and isolating experience which is ironic when the yoga classes that you teach are all about bringing people together. Perhaps you have been teaching for a while and are feeling exhausted?

Mentorship Programme

You don’t need to go it alone!!

I have been hearing more and more from teachers that they want more support and guidance following on from their training so I have organised these monthly meet ups at our studio in Leeds in order to provide not only a space for teachers to meet and discuss their teaching but also help teachers develop professionally. The sessions will involve a led class, an hour on a specific topic- planning, marketing, creativity, self-employment, self-practice. We will then have shared lunch ( lunch provided) and a chance to discuss teaching and arising issues and themes. The final hour will focus on setting goals for the next month, feedback, sharing circle and guided meditation.

I would like this programme to be about you, so as questions and requests arise I will do my best to provide guidance on these on the future meetings. I will also use the meetings to devise training workshops at the studio in areas where teachers feel they need more input. There will also be an opportunity to have more 1:1 mentoring in between the monthly sessions. The more teachers we can encourage to join this programme the better. We learn from each other and networking is a wonderful way to support each other and create more opportunities for work and self-development.

Any teachers joining the programme on a monthly basis will have access to 20 percent discounts on workshops and further in house training’s at the studio as well as work opportunities as they arise.


About Nichi

Nichi has been teaching for over 19 years and in that time has set up two studios in Leeds. She has been running The Yoga Space for over 15 years. She has run over 40 yoga retreats and trained 100s of Yoga Teachers!! Her wealth of knowledge not only as a teacher but also as a yoga business owner is vast. She has been self-employed for over 25 years so fully understands the highs and lows!!As we move into a new decade she hopes she can offer guidance, support and encouragement to teachers in a world where she believes that we need yoga more than ever before. She hopes that through this programme we can build a  supportive network that can only enhance our work as teachers. £3 from your contribution to this programme will go to #yogatreesplease and help plant trees in 2020.

Investment: £20 per session includes tea, vegan cake and fruit.



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