The Art of Sequencing Part 1 with Nichi Green

This will be a full day practical course looking at why we sequence and how to sequence intelligently in a creative way that supports your understanding, teaching and practice of yoga. The course is suitable for teachers, trainee teachers or yoga students. You just need to have a love of vinyasa and flow style yoga to attend and a regular practice of these styles.There will be a Part 2 to this course but its fine to just do Part 1. Do both days and get 3 months free access to Yoga Space Online ( worth £25)

Course Content– Over 2 Days

  • Vinyasa Flow Class
  • Tuning in and letting go
  • The importance of Play
  • Basic Rules and Why- Poses and Counter Poses. Preparation is key
  • Repetition and Flow Theory
  • Ladder Flows and why they work
  • Progression + Regression
  • Theming and Prep v Improvising
  • Creating Sequences, Practice and Sharing
  • Group discussions on Modern Yoga, the evolution of the vinyasa, styles and what inspires us

Nichi has been sharing her love of vinyasa style yoga for over 23 years and was Founder and Director of The Yoga Space for over 17 years. She teaches for globally renowned yoga channel Ekhart Yoga and has trained many yoga teachers in Yorkshire and further afield. She runs yoga retreats and has an arts psychotherapy private practice in Leeds alongside teaching weekly classes.


Part 1 £50 ( £45 for Yoga Space Graduates or students who have attended previous trainings with Nichi)

Part 1 + 2 £90 ( £80 for Yoga Space Graduates or students who have attended previous trainings with Nichi)


Part 1- Saturday 22nd June 9:30am to 6pm

Part 2– Saturday 27th July 9:30-6pm

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Peaceful Flow

“That was just lovely. Perfect for me this morning after a busy week. Unusual, interesting sequences and I enjoyed the peace/prayer position of the hands.”

– Helen (Ekhart Yoga)

Free Your Prana

“Love love love this practice on a morning. Bendy and energizing, really gets the body moving and wakes you up!”

Lauren ( Yoga Space Online)

Upper Back Flow

“Thank you for a fabulous class Nichi, my shoulders are humming ! “

-Jane ( Ekhart Yoga)

Get On Your Mat

” Not had time to practice as much as usual these last few weeks. This sequence was absolutely perfect to open up all the body, find space and quite the racing mind. Feeling energised and refreshed. Thank you “

Tracy (Yoga Space Online)

Upper Back Flow

“Lovely class Nichi! I don’t do climbing or energetic swimming but this helped a lot with my sore lower back weirdly. Or maybe not weirdly as everything is connected. I don’t understand why but opening up the thoracic spine seems to help align the lower spine as well (I also love your upper back bliss class for this). Thank you for your wonderful teachings 🙂 “

Deb (Ekhart Yoga)