Unique 1:1s with Nichi

Stuck in your yoga practice? Uncomfortable in your body? Start exercising and then always stop? Want to make a positive change and stick with it? Have recurring discomfort or pain and can’t shift it?This unique personal training and coaching programme with Yoga Space Director Nichi will enable you to move forwards and create better habits and practice routines that stay with you.

Progress & Grow

I want to help you discover a practice that works for you body and mind. You’ll have a tailored programme just for you, be more comfortable in your own body and start to break down old habits that are holding you back. Do you often start and stop things? Can’t afford personal training? Want to start yoga but not sure where to start? 


Regular contact to keep you motivated

Its hard to change and build new habits and I’m here to help. You can ask me any questions during the programme but also I will be checking in with you regularly to see how you are doing.


Quality not quantity

 We can often be overwhelmed by all the fitness and yoga programmes that are out there. Too much choice isnt always a good thing!! If you tell me you only have 20 mins a day then I will create a practice that fits you and your needs. 


Tailored Programmes


The programme can be yoga, yamuna body rolling or a combination of both. Following your written assessment I will make recommendations in our live zoom chat. Each programme includes free access to Yoga Space Online with suggested classes to practice.

Choose from Unique 1, Unique 2 or Unique 3



Ongoing discounts available once part of a programme.


Why work With Nichi?-Experienced

I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years to all ages and abilities. Over the years I have learnt that yoga is a wonderful tool and practice for physical and mental health and that one practice or style of yoga doesnt fit all. I trained in Yamuna Body Rolling 10 years ago and these two disciplines fit so well together I want to be able to offer a blended approach as experience has taught me that this is often what people need.

Understanding You

We all learn and are motivated differently. Some of us are very goal driven. Personally I’m not but I am motivated by practices that work. Do I feel better in my body? Has my mood improved? Do I understand what I’m doing and why I’m doing it? Thats what brings me back to my mat I want to get to know you. I want to have time to understand what works best for you but also to encourage you to stick with a regular programme where you can feel the benefits.

Personalised Support

Think of me as your own personal yoga/yamuna teacher once we start working together. The more feedback you can give me the better. We can tweak and change things as we are going along. If something isnt working thats fine- but you will need to do your homework!




Unique 1 


  • Individual Assessment                                         
  • 2 live zoom or studio sessions                 
  • Recorded class support                                 
  •  1 Month YSO                                                           
  • Email support 
  • Follow Up Assessment                                                         


Unique 2


  • Individual Assessment                                         
  •  4 live zoom or studio sessions             
  • Recorded class support                                               
  • 3 Month YSO                                           
  • Email support 
  •  Follow Up Assessment                                                                                                 


Unique 3


  • Individual Assessment
  • 6 Live zoom or studio sessions
  • Recorded Class Support
  • 6 Month YSO
  • Email Support
  • Follow Up Assessment

Invest In Your Health Now

Contact me at yogini.green@gmail.com to book a programme.