The Yoga Space Leeds Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Adjusting + Use of Props with Nichi Green

24th-25th September

A Training Weekend For Yoga Teachers and Trainee Yoga Teachers

Feeling a bit stuck on your yoga mat since the pandemic? Afraid to adjust? Lost your confidence a bit? Learn how to adjust students in a safe and professional way that offers insight for both the student and the teacher. With two years of teaching on zoom it seems that many teachers are now glued to their yoga mat and not offering adjustments. Hands on adjustments can be an excellent way to teach a posture and give students a deeper and insightful experience of an asana. Over this weekend we will look at when to offer adjustments, using props to give self adjustments and verbal cueing for each of the asana we study. We will also look at partner work that you can use with students in classes.

This weekend will be a great C.P.D for yoga teachers and a fantastic way to refresh your knowledge and inspire your teaching. This is the first weekend of a series that Nichi will be offering over the next year.

Weekend Schedule

Saturday 24th Sept

9am Introductions + Welcome

9:45am Vinyasa Yoga Practice with Nichi

11:15am Why Adjust? The good, the bad + the ugly. Discussion, consent and experiences. How to adjust- the positive experience of touch and connection and when not to physically adjust.

12:30 Lunch

1:30- 5:30pm Standing Postures- Observing, adjusting, use of props + verbal cues

5:30-6pm Reflections + Feedback

Sunday 25th Sept

9am-10am Yoga Class with Nichi

10-10:30am Discussion + Reflections from previous day

10:30-12:30 Seated Asana, Observing, adjusting, partner work, use of props + verbal cues

12:30 Lunch

1:30-3:30 Backbends, Inversions and Shavasana- Observing, use of props + verbal cues.

3:30-4pm Reflections + Feedback.

About Nichi

Nichi has been teaching for over 20 years and in that time has set up 3 yoga studios ( yes 3!!) and trained many yoga teachers. She began training by assisting her yoga teacher Brian Cooper who wrote The Art of Adjusting. As an ashtanga practitioner for many years Nichi has experienced the good, the bad and the ugly world of physical assists!! She believes that hands on connection with students can be nurturing and highly supportive when done with good intentions and also that it is a two way process between student and teacher requiring trust and understanding. Nichi continues to teach weekly classes, retreats and workshops as well as being in private practice as a Dramatherapist. She has an interest in creative process and body work and is a practitioner and teacher of yamuna body rolling


Yoga Space Graduates £99 for weekend + booking fee

Yoga Teachers + Trainee Teachers £120 for weekend + booking fee

If you do not wish to book via eventbrite and pay booking fee please email [email protected]