200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training

Learn to teach yoga and develop tools for living a better life

Learn and grow

We don’t just create yoga teachers, we help you grow as a person. Get a deeper practice, skills for a healthier life, options for change. Our modular course helps you grow and develop skills as your knowledge and practice does.

Cultivate your talents

We help you see your strengths, both on and off the mat. Your focus will build as you study and train in your peer group. We honour the individual and encourage you to find your own voice and style as a teacher takes time.

Build Confidence

Studying Yoga and how to teach is fantastic for developing life skills. Learn to lead, motivate and support people. Yoga helps us in all aspects of our life and can help you develop a better relationship with yourself and those around you.

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This in-depth hands on training is designed to give you everything you need on your yoga journey, whether you want to teach or evolve your practice. With a faculty of senior teachers, and 18 years of experience delivering teacher training courses, you’ll be in great hands.

All students start with our 4 day Intensive. You can attend this immersion without enrolling onto the course. This is particularly useful if you’re not sure you’re ready for the 200hrs. This is also time for you and to deepen your practice.

We will be delivering the Immersions from Harewood Holistics a brand new state of the art studio in the beautiful grounds of Harewood House in the North Yorkshire countryside.

Why choose the Yoga Space Teacher Training?

Experienced Faculty

We have been delivering these courses for 18 years. We choose the very best teachers, offering their knowledge in everything yoga. We guarantee you will feel ready to teach!

Blended Learning

We all learn differently, so the course is a perfect balance of theory, hands on learning and having a go! We take time to understand what works best for you!

Personalised Support

We have a maximum intake of 8 with any key teacher so we can offer the very best support. Our teachers give honest feedback, so you can find out who you really are as a teacher.

Fits your life

Our new approach allows you to fit the training to your life. If you’re more experienced it is possible to complete this course in a year. Need more time? Take up to 2 years to complete!

Retake modules

If there are topics you’re worried about passing don’t fret. Once enrolled you can retake course modules (once) when available within this time frame at no extra charge.

Business Modules

We bring in successful yoga and wellbeing business owners to discuss the business world of yoga and start you on your journey of developing a brand.

Ready to take a step towards change?

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Our Faculty

Nichi Green

Senior Yoga Teacher
20 yrs experience
Owner of Yoga Space

Sarah Blenkhorn

Senior Yoga Teacher
14 yrs teaching
Ashtanga and Vinyasa

Angela Goodwin

Senior Yoga Teacher
10yrs teaching
Ashtanga, Slow Flow

How the Training is Delivered

Level 1:
The Immersion.

4 days of yoga practice, meditation, philosophy, experiential anatomy + history with individual guidance + feedback.


  • Daily Yoga, kriya + Meditation practice
  • History of Yoga
  • 8 Limbs
  • Pranayama
  • Journaling and Reflection
  • Sun Salutes + Teaching
  • Bhakti Yoga + Soundbath
  • Daily Anatomy through Yamuna Body Rolling


  • Attend 4 day immersion
  • 2 x zoom sessions
  • Preparation Homework + Reading

Contact Time 34hrs
Self Study: 8hrs

Dates 2022

August 25th- 28th
November 10th-13th

Level 2:
The Course Begins.

2 days


  • Yoga class
  • Mini Sequences- hips, shoulders, core.
  • Observations
  • Alignment, anatomy and types of student
  • Sun Salutations + Teaching practice
  • Use of voice
  • Yoga + neuroscience


  • Attend Weekend 1
  • Begin Observing classes
  • Write Up Observation
  • 1 x Zoom session with Key Teacher
  • Teach sun salutations to friends/family and write up.

Contact Time 18hr
Self Study 10-15hrs

Dates 2022

19th-20th November

Level 3
Standing Postures. Firm Foundations. Alignment + Teaching Practice.

2 days


  • Standing postures
  • Teaching Beginners
  • Props + Modifications
  • Teacher Appraisal + Review
  • Teaching Practice


  • Attend 2 Day Weekend Module
  • 1 x Zoom session with Nichi or Key Teacher.
  • Practice teach standing postures to friends/family or peer group and write up.
  • Start assisting hours.
  • Attend a day workshop or two half day workshops of your choice.

Contact Time 20hrs
Self Study 15-20hrs

Dates 2023

21st-22nd January

Level 4:
The Seat. How to teach seated postures.

2 days


  • Adapting for your students
  • Alignment + Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Teaching Practice
  • Getting to teach
  • Planning and prep
  • Pregnancy Yoga module


  • Attend 2 days
  • Attend zoom session pregnancy yoga module.
  • Continue assisting hours.
  • Teaching practice friends/ family/ peer group.
  • 1 x zoom session with nichi or Key teacher on teaching and planning.

Contact Time 20hrs
Self Study 9-12hrs

Dates 2023

18th-19th February

Level 7
Backbends, Finishing Postures + Relaxation

2 Days


  • Teaching finishing postures
  • Teaching backbends
  • Recap progression + Regression sequencing and anatomy
  • Restorative postures


  • Attend 2 Day course
  • Essay proposal on specialist area
  • Teach a public class + write up
  • Zoom session with key teacher

Contact Time 18hrs
Self study 10hrs

Dates 2023

3rd-4th June

Level 5
Functional Anatomy with Guest Teacher-

2 days


  • Functional Anatomy
  • Understanding yoga + anatomy
  • Group work
  • Shoulder Joint and Hip Joint
  • Mobility + Adaptations


  • Reading and homework on anatomy before and after module.
  • Attend 2 days
  • Continue assisting hours
  • Attend a yamuna workshop with Nichi
  • 1 x zoom session with Nichi or Key Teacher appraisal and feedback- checking in.

Contact Time 20hrs
Self Study 5-10hrs

Dates: T.B.C.

Level 8

Business of Yoga

1 Day


  • Marketing
  • Yoga Business
  • Teaching Practice
  • Group work.


  • Attend full day
  • Do pre module homework + prep
  • Continue assisting hours + complete these.
  • Teach a public class + write up
  • Zoom session with key teacher.

Contact Time 20hrs
Self Study 10-15hrs

Dates 2023

17th June

Level 6:
The Art of Vinyasa Sequencing

3 day Course


  • Learn vinyasa sequencing theory
  • Fuel your creativity
  • Mini sequences
  • Vinyasa Krama
  • Progression + Regression
  • Themes + Methodology
  • Practice Teaching


  • Attend 3 day Immersion
  • Attend 1 Workshop and write up
  • Devise a 20 minute vinyasa yoga sequence and practice teach
  • Continue observation hours.

Contact Time 24hrs
Self Study 10hrs

Dates 2023

May 26th-May 28th

Level 9

Assessments, Feedback+ Review Celebrations

1 Day


  • Teaching assessments
  • Student feedback + reviews


  • Attend full day
  • Prepare + Teach a 30 minute class to Nichi and your peer group

Contact Time 6hrs
Self Study 10hrs

Dates 2023

TBC Booked in either early July, August or September depending on group.

Investment £2750

Payable in instalments as you start each level or pay in full and save £250*.

Get started: £300 – Includes course manuals, mentoring and 4 day immersion. Travel not included but lifts can be organised when needed. Help finding accommodation amongst our local yoga community during the immersions and 3 day courses. This fee goes towards your teacher training course even if you decide to start later on in the year.

Ready to continue? Pay another £750 to fully enrol on the yoga course and commit to your training becoming a yoga teacher. Includes zoom sessions and mentoring and takes you up to Level 3

You are starting to practice teach and fully immersed in the course. Pay another £750 to go up to Level 5

You are over half way through your course. Pay £750 to go on to Level 7

Wow you are teaching!! Only £200 to pay now to complete your training. This covers all of your teaching to level 9 for your final assessment

* When paying in full you can pay £390 for Immersion and then pay the remaining balance before the Level 2 weekend!

Note to experienced yogis: you might be able to begin the course at level 2 if you have had a regular yoga practice that includes vinyasa style yoga for a period of at least two years. You should be familiar with asana names and basic alignment principles.

Other things to know about the course

Self Study

  • Self study is an essential part of the course.
  • Keep a practice journal, read and make notes is an integral part of your learning and development. You move on when you are ready to.
  • At least 1 x half day a month should be set aside for completing your written assignments and reading assignments. You will be set work prior to your weekend modules and asked to write up teaching practice as well as reflections on reading, practice and philosophy.
  • We encourage you to ask questions and make notes on your reading and bring them to your training weekends so we can discuss them on our zoom sessions. We offer an excellent reading list. This time is really for you to immerse yourself in the study and practise of yoga.
Leeds Yoga Teacher Training, practicing and adjusting

Practicing, teaching and timings

  • Attending classes regularly with your key teacher is an essential part of your training. 
  • A log of hours must be kept and signed by the teacher when attending or observing a class. 
  • You must observe at least 6 hours of a Beginners level class during the course.
  • Take up to 2 years to complete this course or complete it within a year.  
  • Study at a pace that works for you and fits in with your work + family commitments. 
  • Plenty of opportunities to practice teach + assist as your skills and confidence develop.

The Yoga Space Leeds Yoga Teacher Training


  • Connect with past graduates
  • Build Your Yoga community with other trainees
  • Flexibility to attend classes online + in studio
  • 1 Year access to  our on demand video library with over 270 classes Yoga Space Online

Graduate Support

  • Keep developing your skills alongside your key teacher
  • Ongoing mentorship + teaching opportunities once graduate
  • Access to other courses at a discount.

What our students say…

Intelligently Structured…

” Teaching Yoga is not responsibility free. Students come to classes with varied physical and spiritual needs and a teacher must be prepared to respond. This is what this training provides. The years of experience that Nichi holds in teaching yoga and training teachers transpires into the sessions. The training is intelligently structured to ensure prospective students are taught safely. Do this training and learn how to teach yoga the right way. “

Florian 2022

Developed Confidence….

” I have loved this course. Nichi has become a real mentor for me during this training. I feel stronger than ever in my own practice and have developed the confidence and understanding around a huge range of aspects of yoga. I couldn’t recommend this training enough.”

Nora 2022

“It’s given me the practical and functional skills that are needed in the ever developing and now competitive yoga world. As students we have been pushed and driven to achieve brilliant results. We have had the opportunity to explore yoga through various lenses and have broadened our knowledge and perceptions of the practice. I feel ready to teach and that is rewarding.”

Georgie– Director of Soma-Wellness

Challenging + Rewarding…

” Teacher Training with Yoga Space has delivered so much on so many levels. It has been inspiring, challenging, emotional and rewarding. This has been a journey of self-discovery on every level. Nichi has the innate ability to tune into each of her student’s needs… I have gained so much more body awareness and my practice is stronger….I started out on this journey just to develop my own practice but I now have the confidence and experience to go out and teach. I am being asked to teach by studios and other teachers. Thank you Nichi, Sarah and my training group. It has been an absolute joy.”

Tracy 2022

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