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Everything you need to know when choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Everything you need to know about choosing a Yoga Teacher Training, is going to help you make a better, more informed decision about which training you should choose. Let’s face it, deciding to train to be a yoga teacher is a big step and then finding the right course that suits you can be complicated- especially when there are so many courses out there!!

I have been training teachers for over 15 years now, so luckily I can help you with your choice by answering the type of questions that students often ask us! If you have any more questions, please do get in touch on email. Nichi x

How long does it take to train to be a Yoga Teacher?

Hmm this is a hard question to answer as there are a few variables you should consider based on your own personal yoga experience, your work/life balance but also on how you personally learn. Also how long has it been since you did any training or study? This will have an impact on how much you can absorb information, apply yourself and commit to training 200 hours.

Most yoga teacher training courses are 200 hours with at least 180 contact hours. This recommendation is set out by Yoga Alliance Professionals and we really advise that you choose a course that’s approved by them. This ensures that the training is set up and run by a Senior Yoga Teacher (at least 8 years and 4,000 hours of teaching experience.) Our trainers have over 19 years (Nichi) and 11 years (Sarah) and many many thousands of hours of teaching behind them.

A  200 hour course might run as an intensive month full time, or part time monthly / bi monthly over 9 to 18 months. If you’re doing part time, which we think is best, we really wouldn’t advise choosing a course that runs any quicker than this unless you are a very experienced yogi and have plenty of free time on your hands! Why? Because on top of your training there is teaching practice, reading, homework plus your own yoga practice. We just don’t think that you can fit in the hours or the head space if you do it any quicker, especially if you’ve not studied in a while.

An intensive might be the only way you can fit in your training, or you might feel 3-4 weeks in Bali sounds great, and some people do ok with the immersion approach, but in truth there isn’t enough time to absorb, reflect and practice what you’ve learnt in this time. We often see teachers who have done a short course and then just don’t have the confidence to teach and really lack valuable experience. Yoga is a vast subject with many layers.

300 hours? You will see many trainings now advertising 300 hour courses but personally we think that with your first steps into being a yoga teacher, 200 hours of study is perfectly adequate. Get out there and teach for a year and then do a bit more training through the various 25hr, 50hr and 100hr specialist trainings. You will have a better understanding of yourself as a teacher and where you need to develop more so will be able to tailor your own development.

Which Yoga Teacher Training is Best?

This is where you need to do your research. Don’t just choose a teacher training because it’s the cheapest one. Here are our suggestions on what to think about.

  1. Visit the studio:Meet the teachers, take a class or two or book on a workshop. You could also take a class online now which is a great way to start.
  2. Questions to ask yourself:
    Do you like their vibe, their ethos? Do they resonate with you as a teacher? Do you like the way they teach? Do they inspire you? Are the teachers respected and experienced? Is the studio established?
  3. Reflect:
    A teacher training relationship is very important as these teachers are going to be working with you for a year so it’s important that you feel a good connection.
  4. Research the course:
    How many people are on the course?   We suggest avoiding yoga training courses that have big group numbers as the bigger the group the harder it will be to get individual attention which is essential in order to develop and progress. On the Yoga Space 200hr we don’t take more than 15 students and in 2021 we are reducing this to 12 to ensure social distancing.
    Ensure the course has an application process and expects at least 2 years of yoga experience, as you really don’t want to be on a course with students who haven’t actually done much yoga which is very frustrating when you have spent those years on your mat honing your practice and absorbing it. A Beginner yoga student shouldn’t do a yoga teacher training!
  5. Practicalities:
    Do the course dates fit with your schedule? Is the venue easy to get to?

Can I get work as a Yoga Teacher after training?

The answer is yes!! We find that most of our graduates start teaching straight after training and go on to earn a part time income from it. However being self-employed and marketing yourself is a job in itself and an important part. You have to get the word out there. Working full time as a teacher is difficult but still possible. The downside is you won’t be earning huge amounts of money and if you don’t work you don’t earn- the upside is you will be doing something that you love and managing your own time. You can teach online, offline, corporate, 1:1, big groups, small groups- the possibilities these days are endless. Yoga Teacher has been listed as 1 of the top 10 jobs in the world!! Plus you can do it anywhere in the world. It incorporates very transferable skills including communication, planning, leadership and personal development.

Which Yoga style should I train in?

Which yoga style do you practice? Students often ask us if they train in one style can they then go on and teach another different style. Mostly the answer is yes- Yoga is Yoga at the end of the day- a style just refers to how it is taught. You may choose to specialise in Pregnancy Yoga, Kids Yoga or Yin and we think that for these you should undertake specialist training but really after you have been teaching a few years. We often see students jump from one teacher training straight into another one before they have really had much time teaching students. Remember you learn your skills by teaching. Training is all well and good and it’s a wonderful experience but you have got to get out there and practice what you learn- that’s the important bit.

I hope that has answered some of your Yoga Teacher training questions. Our 200 hour course starts in Autumn 2021 and you can find out more about it here. Do get in touch if you have any more questions we would love to hear from you:

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