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Get Ready For Teacher Training

So you have signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. You have been thinking about it for ages and have now chosen your course and made the decision that this is your year to do it!! Congratulations. You have just taken that first big step towards sharing your love of yoga. What next? It will probably be a few months before the course begins. In this blog we cover how to get ready for your course.

  • Practice + Reflect – maintain a consistent yoga practice.
  • Read– Start on those yoga books and make notes. They will inspire you and keep you motivated.
  • Study– Combine home practice with studying with a teacher. Preferably one who will be training you.
  • Routine– Start to carve out a routine that will serve you once you start training
  • Prepare– Not just yourself but also your friends and family.


As a trainee yoga teacher you should have a regular and committed yoga practice. keep a practice journal and note your progress ,reflections and energy levels. How was your practice today? How did your body feel? Was your mind busy or quiet? Did you meditate? If you went to class what did you do? Was there a theme or particular focus?

Journal Ideas

  1. Date and time of the practice.
  2. Practice Details. Names of asanas ( good way to learn them)
  3. How did I feel before the practice? …
  4. Which asanas did I have difficulty with?
  5. Which asanas feel stronger and come with more ease?
  6. What do I want to work on next time?
  7. How did I feel after practice?

You need strength, motivation and energy for your training. If your practice has been a bit irregular now is the time to really establish it and carve out some time. It is good to reflect on what might be stopping you getting on your mat. Sometimes all it takes is a few sun salutations or a bit of movement to get you going. Are you a morning or an evening person? Choose the part of the day that suits you the best. It is less about how much you do but rather than how often you do it. Diet is an important part of ensuring you have good energy. In Yoga a vegan/vegetarian diet is reccommended- and a more Sattvic one. Try not to eat after 8pm- especially if you plan to practise in the morning.


You would have got a reading list for your course and your course leader will suggest which books to start with. Get reading them. They are essential for supporting your learning and expanding your knowledge and understanding of yoga. Make notes as you go along. Reflect- do you agree/ disagree? Is tehre anything you want to discuss with your fellow students or your teachers. Email your course leader if you have questions. One of our core texts is by Erich Schiffmann and is essential reading. It is a wonderful book!!


Do go to classes with your course tutors and ask questions before the course begins. Try and squeeze in a workshop or two. Training and learning is all about relationship. Your Course Leader and Co-Teachers will be guiding and mentoring you throughout the course so nurture and develop that connection. Once your course starts you will also have your training group. Become part of the studio community. It is great to feel a part of a yoga family and it will encourage + support you in your training.

Learn the names of asanas and read about basic alignment for the postures. especially standing poses and sun salutations. When you practice reflect- can you feel the alignment? Can you tell when your own alignment is off?


Once you start your course there will be homework, reading and teaching practice to fit in alongside your regular life so now is a good time to consider how you will manage your time. When can you fit in your reading + yoga practice alongside everything else? It takes 54 days to break old habits and set up new ones so now is a very good time to establish routines that will help you carve out time for your course and studies.


Note down all of your teacher training dates and make sure you dont overload yourself before or after a Teacher Training Weekend. Let family and friends know how important this course is. You are investing time, money and a lot of energy. This course will impact your life both physically and mentally and good preparation will help you manage family expectations and demands for the year ahead. You need positive reinforcement around you as you will be talking about yoga, readinga bout yoga and doing lots of yoga!! Carve out downtime as well. Book a monthly massage, special treats. You will need time out of studying.

And Finally…


Get plenty of rest- have a holiday if possible before the course starts- even if its a staycation!! If you manage your time well you can switch off and spend some time with loved ones before you begin. Don’t leave things to the last minute. It will create anxiety. You will already be excited and nervous. Once you get going you will love it!!

Email Nichi Course Director at info@theyogaspace.co.uk

Our Next 200 hour Training Course starts on September 24th 2021.

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