Guest Teacher Spotlight: Granville Cousins

A positive of everything that 2020 has brought us, is how it has made practicing with our favourite teachers possible, no matter where they are in the UK or World!

On Sunday 27th September at 10-11.15am our latest guest teacher Granville Cousins will be taking the Yoga Space mic and guiding us through his signature ‘Yogasana’ class.

Why you should practice this class with Granville

  • Granville is not only an accomplished yogi and yoga teacher, with experience of 40yrs (having tried his first class at 16), but has practiced many styles of martial arts achieving a 1st dan (Black – Belt) in Kung Fu and has extensively studied Zen Buddhism.
  • He has been on a life long journey of discovery which he says has been “one of continual investigation into the meaning of life, its purpose, and understanding the nature of things”, and can share so much through his teaching.
  • With a deep understanding of the more spiritual aspects of yoga and having studied Tibetan Buddhist meditation for many years, Granville brings a humility and warmth to his teaching that is very encouraging and inclusive.
  • If you’re an active sporty type you will be interested to hear that many of Granville’s regular clients are sports teams and athletes from the fields of Football, Tennis, Cricket and Golf .
  • Granville spends lots of time now on his eco farm in Rochdale and is usually limited to teaching in Manchester and abroad om retreats, so we feel privileged to host him for this class for the Yoga Space Community.

What is the YogAsana approach?

  • YogAsana is a combination of all Granville’s trainings, experiences and knowledge. Having started out with Iyengar yoga, inspired by “Light on Yoga” by Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar he taught only this for many years. Then in 1995 he was introduced to Michael Taylor and Elizabeth Wilson and eventually Derek Ireland, with whom he learnt Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, sweating through the Primary Series.
  • The classes are now Ashtanga Yoga and Posture Classes that are based for the most part around the Primary Series but incorporating his knowledge of the postures gained from his Iyengar Yoga background and some Yin style practice. The classes are often described as ‘thorough’ by his students, and include an element of meditation inspired by his own deep practice.

Granville is truly inspiring, and a wonderful teacher to us all. You can meet and practice with him with our special guest class on Sunday 27th September 10am-11.15am, live on Zoom. 

You can find this special class on the timetable here;
£8 or 8 credits from your class pass. 

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