Yin Yang workshop - Headstand

Yin Yang workshop – Headstand

Sarah Blenkhorn

Sunday 13th October 2019  1000 -1230 hrs.

Sirsasana or headstand can be daunting and/or elusive but this workshop is designed to target those tight, restricted areas and strengthen those parts that are weak. We will use both Yin and Yang styles to do this making your transition into headstand safe and secure. If you’re not ready to go into headstand this workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to work towards headstand over time.

Starting with a one hour Yin session to stimulate the shoulders, hamstrings and surrounding connective tissues we will prepare the body for a one hour Yang practice which will strengthen the upper body and the core whilst continuing to work into the hamstrings. Yin supports the joints and works on a deeper level thus giving the body the support it needs for stronger Yang work . By giving the body time, stillness and passivity in Yin we allow the tension in the tissues to dissolve. In this way we increase our range of movement for ourYang practice by stimulating changes within the connective tissues of the body. Yang builds our strength, heat and energy. We need both Yin and Yang to balance our lives.

Following this we will look at headstand in a calm, controlled and caring way. This workshop will help eliminate any fear, assist your  progress in headstand and develop your understanding in which areas need more work if the pose is out of reach.

Sirsasana is not suitable for high blood pressure, any eye ear or neck problems but the preparatory work we will undertake will be suitable for all.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Cost £25

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