hip opening yoga in leeds

Hip Opening Flow with Isabel

Issy is back live on zoom from Holland with another focused class for more students with some yoga experience. Have a cushion or yoga blocks handy.

This is a deep and grounding flow practise, that focuses on targeting the muscles around the whole circumference of the hip joint. Hips can often feel tight and restricted mobility wise, because we spend our time sitting on chairs or sofas for long hours. This flow is designed to get you moving and release tension around the hips, to create more freedom in our bodies and increase mobility. In this flow we will explore the relationship between the hips, abdominals and legs that will allow you to move more freely and feel more spacious in your body.

Date : 13th September


This class is delivered online via Zoom to wherever you need it. This class will use 8 credits from a studio membership or pass. It will also be available to repeat as all students will be sent a link which is valid for two weeks afterwards.

Book via our schedule page here; https://theyogaspace.co.uk/classes

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