How to improve your runners body without a therapist!

Running is undeniably hard on the body, and if you want to run for a lifetime then you need to do something to support all the soft tissues. This might be massage, but how many of us have the resources to get massages weekly?

In her article Why Roll? Nichi talks about how Yamuna Body Rolling can help all bodies. She says, ‘The basic principle of Body Rolling is creating space. Every part of your body needs its proper space to function properly. Lack of space first manifests as muscle tightness or contraction.’ I think every runner out there can recognise this feeling. ‘In body rolling we elongate the muscle. We stimulate a tendon, we free up a joint’.

Did every runner out there just imagine how good that would feel after a long run? Especially knowing you can do it yourself and you don’t need to go to a massage therapist to get this feeling!?

One of our Yamuna students and dedicated runner Rachel, wrote this on how Yamuna has changed her running life.

As a runner I’m often very stiff in my hips and lower back, sometimes my shoulders, a bit of hamstrings – pretty much everywhere actually – whether you run a little or a lot I’m sure you can relate to this. Running is hard on the body – tackling tightness and niggles is quite the challenge and now more than ever – without access to physios or sports massage – we need ways to keeping everything in order. Body rolling classes are amazing for ironing out the creases and easing ache, pains and knots – sometimes you find things you never knew were tight, others you hit areas you know need attention and it gives such relief. It is such an amazing way to look after yourself. Sometimes body rolling can make you feel someone has pressed a secret reset or boost button and running feels brilliant afterward. The added bonus is having body rolling in your box of tricks, so you wake up feeling a bit cronky or you’re about to head out for a run, but realise something’s a bit tight, you can manage it yourself with a minutes of rolling. I cannot recommend it highly enough. You need to get some balls and do a Yamuna class with Nichi!

So if you’re interested in empowering yourself with a skill that can help us elongate and free up your runners body, then why not sign up to one of Nichi’s up and coming classes.

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