Just Dip In by Jean

One of our regular members Jean chooses some of her favourite classes for experienced students- Plus you can see her feedback on the classes she has chosen. Thanks Jean for this selection!! Jean says ” Stop browsing and get on your mat. Here’s my tried and tested sessions so far.”

A general level fusion class for yogis with some experience. The perfect morning class- not too hard and not too easy!! Nichi has a gift for sequencing and this class is a steady blend of Ashtanga standing postures with a little bit extra. Great for keeping up your strengthy and flexibility. Energising and uplifting.
Eventually you have to let go of what you think should happen and live into what is happening”(Melli O’Brien) A great quote for yoga…and for life! So spend this Saturday afternoon moving mindfully through a nourishing slow flow, which will send a little love and care to the whole body, from head to toe. With an intention of acceptance, we will notice and embrace all sensations, just as they are, leaving you feeling joyful and fulfilled for the rest of your weekend.
This class will be a soothing yang/yin style to promote deep relaxation. Starting with some flowing lunge salutations to build some heat in the hips and shoulders and help us connect to our body and breath before slowing it down with some relaxing long-holds. Yin style holds include thread the needle for the shoulders and also janu sirsasana A and baddha konasana for the hips and hamstrings… so when the savasana with sound comes you will melt into the mat with bliss. A lovely class if you have had a busy week and you want to switch off, stretch-out and smile. The end of the class includes a sound bath for relaxation from Tanja- you might want to turn up the sound for this part and the recording may fade in and out slightly.
A 35 minute flow to build some heat in the body and activate the whole core. We work through various different core activation poses and flows to build strength. Different levels are offered so this class is suitable for all those with some practice. Start your day off right!
Hey guess what this is a hip focused Primary Series. Here Sarah adds in some extra special hip work to help you open up a bit more and go deeper in those tricky poses. A yoga block is always handy or a couple of books. Suitable for students with some previous yoga experience- especially in ashtanga or vinyasa style yoga.

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