Our Planet. Our Problem.

Did you know that on 29th July this year we had used up the earth’s resources that should have lasted for the whole year? It’s called Earth Overshoot Day, and whether you think the science is correct or not, it’s a good guide to how we’re doing as an ever-increasing global population. It’s a bit like budgeting for the month and then blowing it all on gin and shoes the day after pay day so you can only afford to eat super noodles and stay home for the following 28 days. Factor in that your boss bought Jimmy Choos and you got some second hand Converse from Oxfam, and you get a picture of how resources are also allocated across the globe.

Consumerism, climate change, industrialisation, pollution, deforestation, politics, bad habits…the depressing list goes on. And this is the stuff that’s going to get us in the end. Can we make a difference? Yes, of course we can. Do we want to? Well that one is debatable. Do the little changes help? I think they do. If one young girl can start a rebellion and get herself on the news to inspire others then what’s stopping the rest of us bugging our office manager to sort out the recycling at work or shaming the chap we sit next to at work to stop using cling film on his sandwiches? Nothing.

It is frustrating that ‘environmentally friendly’ is increasingly ‘boutique’ and expensive, meaning that your average Joe can’t afford to get involved. But, everyday brands are learning what the customer wants so it just means a little longer at the supermarket and making some wise choices…once you’ve learned the myriad of things we shouldn’t be buying anymore. It was so much easier with CFCs – you didn’t buy the bad aerosols and manufacturers stopped putting it in the backs of fridges. Why was a hole in the ozone layer (something we can’t see, touch or either begin to fathom) so easily worked though by everyone? Yet here we are with extreme heat or extreme rain in the UK and no one seems to be saying, “Wait a minute, you know I don’t think this is quite right.”

At The Yoga Space, we want to do our bit. We’re learning more and more about how we should be living and although giving up the KFCs isn’t always easy, we’re having a go and enjoying it. Our bodies feel better, our minds are clearer, money stretches further, everyone’s happier….and so on.

As you may have seen on Facebook, we’re launching a campaign to plant 1,000 trees. Trees are an undoubtedly important part of the planet’s ability to provide for us and every other living creature on it. Whether that’s from food, resources, shelter, oxygen, storing carbon dioxide, protection, trade, security, homes, livelihoods or just something relaxing to look at; trees mean life.

We’re asking you to send us a photo of you doing Tree Pose and in return, we’ll plant you a tree. Simple. Make sure you mark your photo with #yogatreesplease and send it to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We can’t wait to see you all doing something incredibly small but really meaningful for the planet. Get it done this weekend and let’s show everyone how much we all care!

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