• Beginners Yoga Course

    Beginners Yoga Course

    Want to start yoga but feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start? This beginners 4 week course is an ideal place to begin.

  • Guided Meditations with Nichi

    Guided Meditations with Nichi

    Start a meditation practice with these guided meditations. Nichi uses different techniques to help you find a quiet place. Fantastic to practice in the morning or before you go to…

  • Chakra Focused Yoga

    Chakra Focused Yoga

    What are Chakras? In yoga philosophy we can trace right back to ancient texts…

  • Just Dip In by Jean

    Just Dip In by Jean

    One of our regular members Jean chooses some of her favourite classes for

  • Full Body Flow by Angela

    Full Body Flow by Angela

    Warm up and wind down with this collection of classes that will stretch out

  • Morning Yoga

    Morning Yoga

    Start your day the best way with any of these wonderful classes. Short, uplifting and energising

  • Chill Mix

    Chill Mix

    Chosen By Gerry-Enjoy a few deeper slower classes with Angela and Gerry.

  • 5 Days of Yoga

    5 Days of Yoga

    Here is a playlist chosen by Sarah. A whole weeks worth of yoga in varying styles

  • Just Yoga

    Just Yoga

    This playlist is a complete go to anytime anyday. Let the yoga do the work-

  • All About Hips

    All About Hips

    Consistence with hip work is key. Try these!