Why a Yoga Holiday could be just what you need

We all form habits as we go through life. Yoga teaches us that even our good habits keep us from growing spiritually. This is because habits are, by definition, an attachment to a pattern of behavior, or a form of dependence.

A key principle of yoga is to let go of attachments. This includes not just our attachments to material objects, but also our dedication to a single point of view or way of thinking.

Yoga gives us a chance to examine our behavioral patterns and realize that our habits, even the good ones, keep us stuck.  Only when we are aware of the problem can we begin to break free from attachments and allow true spiritual growth to begin.

Going on a yoga retreat is also an easy way to break free of routine. At least for a brief period, we stop living the way we usually live. On retreat, you are in a different environment: You are not as shackled by your connectivity to technology as you would be at home, and small changes in the food you eat and the activities that you do feel extraordinary.

Even the conversations you have with others are not like the conversations you use at home with your local tribe. There is newness to be found in even the most ordinary interactions and routines.

Changing Your Perspective

A yoga retreat is an experience beyond the ordinary. It allows you to feel that it is possible to change old patterns and choose happiness in a new way everyday.

What going on a yoga retreat offers you is a chance to change your perspective and, by extension, your attitude.

You change ordinary habits and all of sudden you see yourself, your potential and your life, in a whole new way. When on retreat, we make that quantum leap in changing how we see the world from the inside out. And the changes we experience, and our new outlook, stay with us way beyond the days of the retreat.  The ripples are deep and long-lasting.

Love yourself, love your day, and love your life.

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