A Storytelling Group to help us connect, create and process.

A good story touches not only the heart, but also the imagination and the unconscious.It can remain with us through many years. Many of us heard or read stories as a child but our ability to tell and share stories often gets stuck as we move into adulthood. As we get older we feed our need for stories from books, films, games or online channels. The media may be different but the calming or excitable effect a story can have is the same.

Stories can help us understand and process our own story and the world around us. They can be a welcome escape from reality but also a powerful tool for tapping into our unconscious and inspiring our creativity especially at times when we are feeling stuck or disconnected.

This  group will explore storytelling offering an established story each week and then be directed into using the themes/ symbols and imagery and move into the creative process. This may be drawing, painting, making or writing. Group sharing and discussion will then follow and the group will finish with a guided meditation and relaxation. Nichi will be available at the end of each session if anyone feels they need to discuss feelings/ thoughts privately.

Although not running as a therapy group the experiential nature of this group and process will bring up feelings, thoughts and memories that may need to be discussed. Anything shared by individuals in the group is confidential and group members will be asked to respect that. Art materials will be required for each session but Nichi will inform you each week what is needed once you have booked.

This is a fantastic course for story lovers, professionals or anyone who wants some creative inspiration. Stories nurture and enable, help us shift perspective and soothe us at times of need. You will be sent a questionnaire on booking that will help Nichi choose the stories for each week.

About Nichi 

Originally trained as a Dramatherapist Nichi worked in this field before turning her focus to yoga and setting up The Yoga Space. She has worked both creatively and physically with people for over 30 years and is currently training in Embodied Psychotherapy and Neuro Dramatic Play. She has always loved stories and reading. Initially beginning this group work online she hopes that it can evolve into a face to face group once the tier restrictions begin to lift.


6 week Course £65

Single Session ( first Session Only) £15

If you decide to continue with full course afterwards you just pay £50.

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