Gerry Turvey

Gerry is a choreographer and dancer and brings people together to share positive physical experiences. She has come to her yoga mat since the 1980’s. Her influences have been Iyengar, and Hatha techniques, and she has taken inspiration from dance and yoga flow, which is introduced in her classes. She is currently completing the 200hr Union Yoga teacher-training course. Gerry teaches the Sunday flow yoga class.

It provides an opportunity to focus on the breath and open the joints and muscles in the body in a gentle and playful way. Gerry works on correcting skeletal alignment, and uses yoga to make the body more mobile for use in everyday movement. She will guide you through the postures, to soften, let go, and strengthen. Breathing techniques will allow deeper stretches and clearer focus. Gerry’s yoga class will invite you to open the body and mind, and leave you feeling relaxed and calm for the rest of the day. Gerry additionally teaches Restorative Yoga once a month, and some of the Sunday workshops, including partner yoga.