Online Yoga Space Studio

Support your mental and physical health with Yoga Space classes and teachers, from your own home.

We offer our yogis the benefits of a live timetable to encourage dedication, and pre-recorded classes for flexibility of practice when needed.

We have daily LIVE classes that hold you accountable, that force you to keep a habit and connect you with the teacher and other yogis.

We have ON DEMAND classes uploaded throughout the timetable from the previous few weeks of classes and future week of classes, so you can click on them and watch whenever you need a yoga hit!

More about our Live Yoga Classes

  • Take a look at our schedule below for the yoga classes we have each day.
  • If it says ‘live’ it means this is a live class with other people practicing at the same time. You’ll be able to see others and the teacher in real time. If you would prefer to not be seen then you can choose to not display your camera image, although this means the teacher won’t be able to suggest alignment and support to you.
  • Our teachers have head mic’s which means the sound quality is very good. If, however you are experiencing sound issues please let the teacher know at the start of class (we need you to tell us if there are issues as we won’t know).
  • Please sign in to the class at least 5mins before so the teacher has the opportunity to let you in from the ‘waiting room’ and so we can start on time.

More about our On Demand Classes

  • Our pre-recorded classes are scheduled each week into the online timetable. We choose from our huge selection of online classes to make it different each week.
  • You are able to access the pre-recorded class any time that week prior to the scheduled time, so you don’t have to wait if you have other plans.
  • Simply login to your Tula account and the online classes you can choose from will appear as clickable view links.

How to sign up for a class

  • If you don’t already have an account with us, simply sign up by clicking on one of the classes and you’ll be guided through the process.
  • If you already have an account with us by coming to the studio, simply login.

Why choose Yoga Space Online

  • 14 live classes per week to choose from, and on-demand classes available whenever you need them.
  • All your favourite yoga styles to suit your mood.
  • All teachers use microphone headset to ensure the best quality sound.
  • Missed a class?  Watch again options.
  • You are supporting a local business, and local teachers.
  • A wonderfully diverse community of yogis to help you feel connected.

How to create a home yoga space?

We know one of the reasons that people love to come to studios is to escape the craziness of home. It is much easier to focus on yoga when you’re away from family, cleaning, mental distractions, but these are unprecedented times. It’s time to accept the challenge of mindfulness in a busy surrounding.

Check out this blog we wrote last month on creating a home yoga space.