Yoga, Kids and Why They Need It

I’ve been working with young people for well over 25 years and ran a childrens’ class for 12 years at the studio. I now mainly train people to teach yoga to children but when i see my friends children yoga is usually the first thing we do together. As we learn to crawl, sit and stand we move through yoga postures. Watch any baby or toddler and you will see them move through cobra, locust, cat, cow, squat, butterfly and downward dogs. They have the naturally flexibility and ease of movement that we were all born with but lose as we become confined to chairs and sitting for long periods. Children aren’t inhibited by their bodies they are fascinated with them and often spend hours exploring different ways of moving as part of a game. They also understand the physical language of yoga and respond immediately to it.

If you work professionally with young people training to teach them yoga is a great idea and will really enhance your professional skills. Having a good knowledge and practice of yoga is recommended. Teaching them requires energy, enthusiasm and confidence.  Our Kids Yoga Course runs 15th to 18th August 2019.


You can read more about the course here;https://theyogaspace.co.uk/workshops 

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