Yin Yoga 50hr Advanced Training


Calling all yoga teachers and yoga teacher training students. Are you wanting to broaden your teaching skills? perhaps you teach Ashtanga or Vinyasa style yoga and want to deepen your knowledge and offer Yin Yoga in your classes? We have partnered up with the wonderful Kate Ashley from http://www.rootedinyoga.com

Yin Yoga provides a functional approach to supporting a healthy body & mind towards self- inquiry, awareness and spirituality. Through 4 layers on investigation (physical, energetic, emotional and mental) we delve deeper into a practice of self-inquiry, mindful meditation and insight from the physical, to the astral, towards the causal.

Exploring 20 Yin Yoga poses through 12 upper & lower body muscle groups.
Awareness of Meridian and Element Theory in relation to the practice of Yin Yoga.
Exploring meditation through movement, inviting observations of exploring stillness through energy.

Learn upper body functional anatomy and range of movement testing applied to the upper body and Spine practice.
Effects of Yin Yoga on tendons, ligaments and muscles
Understanding the fascia and connective tissue network

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine
Learn Meridian mapping throughout the whole body
Introduction to Daoism & its influence in Yin Yoga
Effects of Yin Yoga on the Energetic Body and the Chinese 3 treasures: Jing, Qi & Shen
Understand Element Theory and the pathological controlling cycles between wood, fire, earth, metal & water

Learn how to sequence and teach a practice based through Meridian and Element Theory
Learn to teach confidently when applying the practice to upper body movement and spinal awareness
Learn contraindications to posture/energy and how to modify or adjust safely and thoughtfully to the individual

The Body Module Level (I), or previous 50hr study with an alternative Yin Yoga Teaching School..
A course for Yoga teachers, teachers in training or anyone wishing to develop their understanding of Yin Yoga and it‘s emotional, physical, mental and energetic effect on the body & mind.

/ Qi Meditation & Practice
/ Theory Workshop I
/ Lunch break
/ Theory Workshop II
/ Closing Practice


On completion of the full course, participants will receive a 50hrs in Advanced Yin Yoga & Continuing Professional Development, Yoga Alliance Certified Training Certificate.

Kate hopes to eventually bring all 50hr modules to the studio to complete a full 200hr Yin Teacher Training 2019-2020.

£100 deposit to reserve space book below. Please fill an application form via our Training page. Full balance is due by 30th December 2018.

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Who Should Join

Any student who wants to learn more about their anatomy in relation to Yoga or their physical well being. Great for dancers, sporty types and keen yoga students. Beginners to yoga also welcome.

Medial Conditions

Contact us if you have any inflammation around joints or any chronic injury or health issue.

Pregnancy & Post Natal

Suitable for 2nd trimester if you already have a Yoga practice.