Yamuna Workshop Series

Yamuna Body Rolling is a fantastic self care system that you can practice anytime. Designed by a yoga teacher Yamuna Zake you roll on different size balls which help you stimulate bone, lengthen muscle and release tension. We can create space and improve mobility in the joints, tone weak areas and improve circulation. Deeply relaxing, this method also works on the nervous system. You should feel calmer, have better breathing and move more easily after rolling.

Nichi is bringing you 3 focused workshops between September 12th and October 10th. These sequences are key Yamuna work and look at 3  problem areas. You can attend as many workshops as you wish and no former experience is needed.

Nichi has been teaching yamuna body rolling for the last 5 years and finds that this work has profound and long lasting effects. The differences can be felt and seen as soon as you get on the ball. She is one of a handful of practitioners in the U.K and one of only 3 Teacher trainers. All equipment is provided. Once you roll you wont ever want to stop. Balls available to purchase at the end of the workshop.

Our last one in this current series:

Workshop 3- The Hips

Saturday 10th October


Spend a lot of time sitting? Run or cycle? Menopausal?Everyone can benefit from this workshop. The muscles around the hips and legs are many and complicated. Many back and knee issues are caused by muscular disfunction and misalignment in the hips. If we sit for long periods our hip mobility decreases. If we do a lot of a repetitive exercise such as running and dont stretch frequently this affects our mobility and healthy muscle function. As we age ( especially post menopause)we lose bone density in the pelvis. Body rolling can help improve bone density and prevent the pelvic area narrowing.

In this workshop we will go deep into all of the muscles which support and stabilise hip movement including the psoas our primary mover.  We will look at basic anatomy and a handout will be given to help you remember the sequences.

Investment £20 for 1 workshop

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Workshop 1- Save Your Back

New dates coming soon!

With all the gardening and working from home during lockdown we have been hearing a good deal about bad backs!! This workshop is desperately needed!!

Most discomfort in the body is caused by lack of space. Yamuna balls work wonderfully with the vertebrae and in this practice we will work on, around and alongside the spine- front and back to create space and release muscular tension as well as improve alignment in the torso and pelvis. Nichi will talk you through basic anatomy and teach you some  “go to” sequences to do daily and help alleviate aches and pains.

A handout will be given to each student as well as discounted access to Nichi’s online yamuna videos.

This workshop is in studio only and will not be on zoom. All levels welcome. Please wear tight fitting vest top so that the ball can move well. as we will be working deep into the abdomen please do not eat 90 mins before the class. Any questions email Nichi on yogini.green@gmail.com

Workshop 2- Save Your Shoulders

New dates coming soon!

Shoulders are often our problem area. We carry tension from the way we sit, from working on computers, driving and from using our phones. Yamuna body rolling is a unique system where we use specially designed massage balls to create space in the joint, relax muscle and connective tissue and realign our joints and improve posture. Its very easy to do and in this workshop you will learn main sequences you can practice everyday to relieve tension in this area. Your energy will lift, your jaw relax, your breath deepen. Shoulder tension can cause headaches, restricted movement, neck pain and sluggishness and irritability.

Nichi will teach you several sequences that you can do anytime to help you improve mobility and release tension from your shoulder girdle and upper back area. No previous experience needed.