Yamuna Workshop Series 2

Yamuna Body Rolling is a fantastic self care system that you can practice anytime. Designed by a yoga teacher Yamuna Zake you roll on different size balls which help you stimulate bone, lengthen muscle and release tension. We can create space and improve mobility in the joints, tone weak areas and improve circulation. Deeply relaxing, this method also works on the nervous system. You should feel calmer, have better breathing and move more easily after rolling.

Nichi is bringing you 3 more focused workshops between 24th October and 5th December.This is key Yamuna work and look at 3 different areas. You can attend as many workshops as you wish and no former experience is needed.

Nichi has been teaching yamuna body rolling for the last 5 years and finds that this work has profound and long lasting effects. The differences can be felt and seen as soon as you get on the ball. She is one of a handful of practitioners in the U.K and one of only 3 Teacher trainers. All equipment is provided. Once you roll you wont ever want to stop. Balls available to purchase at the end of the workshop.

Workshop 4- Whole Body

Saturday 24th October


In this workshop Nichi teaches you how to put together the main yamuna sequences for a complete body self massage. Anyone can practice this wonderful system and its easy to pick up and do anytime.

Most discomfort in the body is caused by lack of space. Yamuna balls work wonderfully with the vertebrae and in this practice we will work on, around and alongside the spine, side body, legs, hips and upper back. Nichi will talk you through basic anatomy and teach you some  “go to” sequences to do daily and help alleviate aches and pains.

A handout will be given to each student as well as discounted access to Nichi’s online yamuna videos.

This workshop is in studio only and will not be on zoom. All levels welcome. Please wear tight fitting vest top so that the ball can move well. Any questions email Nichi on yogini.green@gmail.com


£20 1 Workshop or £45 for 3

Book Here For Full Body: Purchase

Workshop 5- Legs and Feet

Saturday 7th November


Everything starts with the feet and it is often issues with the lower body that can cause problems higher up. Fallen arches, knee issues. How much attention do you pay to your feet and lower legs? As we move into winter we tend to pay them even less attention. Healthy foot mobility is essential for good knee alignment. As we age we can really start to lose healthy foot function which is detrimental to our balance and movement.

Starting with waking up the feet we will then work into lower and upper leg and around knees. You will feel taller, more balanced and notice a lift in your energy and ease in your movemnt after this workshop. All levels welcome.

Equipment available and can be purchased after the class. Please bring your black yamuna balls if you have them.


£20 For 1 workshop

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Workshop 6- The Face and Neck

Saturday 5th December


This is possibly the most relaxing yamuna work. Who would have thought that the face can hold so much tension? Do you clench or grind your jaw? Suffer from headaches? Neck stiffness or discomfort? Using specially designed and softer yamuna balls we will work into the neck first and then lie down to roll out the face. Yamuna face work improves circulation, rejuvenates tissue and helps the eye muscles brighten and relax. Fantastic if you sit at a computer for long periods. A fantastic practice to do before bed you will find that this really helps you sleep as well as helping you look younger!!

Face ball kit provided and available to purchase after class

Investment £20 for 1 workshop

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