Yamuna Face Massage

Join Nichi for this live online incredible workshop. Treat your friends, family or yourself and learn an amazing face massage that leaves you looking youthful, relaxed and nourished. The workshop can be purchased with or without the equipment as balls will be provided.

Bone loss occurs more rapidly in the face than in other parts of the body and so she began to work on stimulating the bones of the face, then realigning them and finally working the muscles to work correctly with the bone structure.
Years of repetitive stress patterns melting away relaxed the face and so many of the tension producing patterns begin to resolve themselves. TMJ problems can be greatly improved. Sinus congestion and sinus headaches also can be radically improved and often corrected after years of suffering. Eye strain from overuse, reduced dramatically. Through realigning the bones of the face, you will also find the shoulders relax and even the hips and pelvis can realign!!

As with all of the Yamuna work this is a treatment that everyone could learn to do on themselves at home or in a group class. Handouts will be given.

The younger someone starts this work the better chance they have of maintaining a wrinkle free relaxed face through the decades!This is a must for both men and women of every age who are self motivated and like to do work on themselves.

Thursday 30th april 8pm-9pm

Suitable for all.  Cost £20 per person if you already have the yamuna face kit

£50 if you are booking and need the kit. Delivered to your home ready for your class. Just email Nichi at info@theyogaspace.co.uk to order.

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