Beltane Nidra, Face massage and Healing Sound Bath

Beltane Nidra, Face Massage and Sound Bath

Friday 1st May 7.15pm-9pm

Join Nichi and Tanja for this very special event celebrating Beltane and be taken on a magic, nurturing and relaxing journey. Beltane is a time to celebrate new energy, creativity and connecting with nature.

What to expect at this special workshop

  • We will start by creating a mandala together in the centre of the room (please bring flowers, a stone/crystal or fruit with you).
  • In our candlelit studio we will then settle onto the floor with blankets and bolsters.
  • Nichi will guide you through a 20 minute Yamuna Face massage to help you deeply relax ready for your guided Yoga Nidra.
  • We will then move into a guided nidra focusing around creativity and energy for beltane.
  • Tanja and Nichi will use mantra, crystal bowls, singing bowls, raindrum and gong.
  • The acoustics in our glorious chapel are perfect for this event as the sounds bathe over you from above and the stage area.
  • In this relaxed place you will be more receptive for the sound healing.

The benefits of Nidra and Sound Baths

  • A sound bath is an immersion in beautiful sounds and vibrations that are healing for your body, mind and spirit. Everything in the universe, including our body is composed of vibrations. Every organ and cell vibrates at a particular frequency.
  • Sound and vibration travels up to 5 times more effectively through water and as we are made up of 70 percent water we can feel the vibration and its effects at a cellular level.
  • You will experience deep relaxation and a profound sense of peace and well-being.
  • Massaging the face has a deep affect on the nervous system, releasing tension from the bones and moving us into a relaxed nervous system.

Investment in self: £9 prebook online or £11 on door.
(Pre-booking is advised as this last event sold out!)

What do you need: Please bring blankets and wear warm clothing. Skin clear of make up and moisturizer please for the massage. Please bring a piece of fruit, flowers or a stone/crystal for the mandala.

Who Should Join

Open to everyone from 14yrs upwards. No previous experience required

Pregnancy & Post Natal

Fine during pregnancy as can lie on side for relaxation or on bolsters.

Medical Condition

Contact us first


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