Chakra Flow

Spring Bank Holiday workshop with Gerry

Mon 25 May


In this Spring Chakra Workshop, Gerry will share a flowing Chakra sequence, which will invigorate every cell and sense in your body. She will give insight and information about how we can benefit physically and emotionally from awareness of the Chakra system. The sequences will stimulate all the chakras.

The Chakras are centres  of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the internal and external organs and glands within the body. 

Each one is represented by a different colour and different element such as:

Earth – pelvis

Water – sacrum

Fire – belly 

Air – heart centre

This workshop will offer ways to stimulate these areas of energy through a range of yoga poses, which will help to energise your spirit, and prepare your body, with vitality and dynamism, for the summer months ahead.

Opening these centres will help us feel less tired, more motivated, bring better balance and harmony, as well as potentially developing a creative and more confident self.

We will finish with some longer restorative poses. 

All levels welcome

£9 drop in or use your class pass.


Gerry Turvey

Gerry is a choreographer, dance artist and yoga teacher. She teaches Hatha, flow, yin and restorative yoga at the studio and she has an excellent understanding of yoga, movement, body mechanics and how to share yoga that is both accessible and deeply moving.

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Who Should Join

Any student who wants to learn more about their anatomy in relation to Yoga or their physical well being. Great for dancers, sporty types and keen yoga students. Beginners to yoga also welcome.

Medial Conditions

Contact us if you have any inflammation around joints or any chronic injury or health issue.

Pregnancy & Post Natal

Suitable for 2nd trimester if you already have a Yoga practice.