Experiential Anatomy For Yoga Teachers

13th February, 10am-4pm

Want to improve your teaching skills and learn more about anatomy? Need some teaching inspiration? On this day long workshop we will look at functional anatomy around the hips, shoulders and spine by using the yamuna balls initially so that you can feel the relationship between one area of the body and another. This will improve your proprioception ready for the 2nd part of the day which will involve looking at fundamental postures in yoga and how to impart this knowledge to your yoga students.

Over lunch we will have a discussion about teaching and what problems and issues arise in class.

The afternoon will be dedicated to using props, adjustments and verbal queues to enable and build your teaching skills. This day is for yoga teachers, yoga teacher training students or dedicated yoga students who may be interested in teaching or just weant to learn more about their own anatomy and yoga practice.

Why Yamuna Body Rolling?

Yamuna is the perfect sister practice to yoga and excellent for teaching us about our own physicality, alignment and improving our awareness. It gives instant feedback- which as yoga practitioners we are quick to absorb and understand. You will feel better equipped to then move into a more detailed study of how to teach certain asana to yoga your yoga students.

All equipment is provided. Please bring vegan/veggie lunch to share.

About Nichi

Nichi has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and Yamuna Body Rolling for the last 10 years. She founded The Yoga Space in 2004 and has been training teachers since 2008. In 2018 she became a Yamuna Teacher Trainer and is very dedicated in sharing this work alongside yoga. When Nichi teaches she encourages her students to observe and feel- listen to feedback and bear witness to the subtle shifts and changes that happen during practice. It is this witnessing that keeps a student absorbed and engaged. If as a teacher you can share and encourage this with your students you will find you have dedicated and enthusiastic clients. Nichi is passionate about raising the standard of yoga teaching and this is the first of several workshops specifically for yoga teachers and teacher training students that she hopes to deliver 2022-2023.


£40 per person


The day will take place at the lovely Well House Yoga Space, Wellhouse Farm, Cote Hill Rd, Harrogate HG3 2LN. Please email Nichi yogini.green@gmail.com if you require transport so she can organise lift sharing.


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