Led Primary Series

Join Jason  live online for this full counted Primary Series from the Ashtanga Yoga system. This is a great practice if you usually attend Mysore classes or Ashtanga Improvers/Fusion classes at the studio. Jason will count the postures through with the traditional sanskrit count with full vinyasas.
A dynamic, challenging and invigorating practice for yoga students with at least a years experience in vinyasa style yoga. We will finish with a Q+A where you can ask us questions about the practice or yoga in general. You will get a recording of the class to use for your own personal practice.
About Jason

Jason has been practising  yoga for around 13 years, specifically Ashtanga yoga. He continues to practice the traditional daily morning Mysore-style yoga, currently working on the second and third series, drawn to the flowing sequential practice where breath and movement are linked.In addition Jason is drawn to the meditative side of the practice, where the primary focus is to tune the awareness gently inwards, the idea being to be completely immersed in the full deep breathing as you hold the postures. He believes yoga then becomes a moving meditation- it’s all about the quality of mind as you perform the asanas.

Sunday 17th May 10am-12pm

£10 per person. Please note you cannot use a monthly pass on this workshop

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Class of yoga students standing practicing breath and mediation