Well Woman 1 and 2

Menopause is a huge transition for all women both physically and pyschologically. Our body goes through big changes as our hormone levels drop and it can take several years to adapt and start feeling normal again. Understanding what and why these changes are happening are a big step in being able to process and adapt.

As well as explaining what the Menopause is these workshops will offer practices including meditation, pranayama, kriyas and yoga practice to help cope with some of the symptoms you may experience during this time as well as practices to help you counter some of the after affects as you move through menopause to the years that follow. Handouts will be given on sequences, diet, supplements and suggestions to support you. There will be opportunity during the workhops and over lunch to discuss our experiences.

The day is spread over two workshops. You can attend either one or both. The workshops are aimed at women over 45 but if you are in early menopause do attend!!

Well Woman 1- The body, the hormones and helpful Practices

Sunday 20th September


Cooling Breath and Gentle Yoga

In this workshop we will look at practices to cope with hot flushes, disturbed sleep and digestive issues. Peri-Menopause can last several years and as hormone levels start to drop you can experience sleep disturbance, hot flushes, foggy memory and digestive issues ( to name but a few!!). Pranayama and yoga can really help restore balance , help you sleep and ease digestion. Recent studies have shown that yoga can actually help elevate hormone levels so its a wonderful practice to support you at this time. Handouts will be given and this workshop is an open level class.  We will discuss and share our experiences and Nichi will run through symptoms, causes and affects and why we are going through these changes.

Well Woman  2- Self Care, Yamuna Massage and Guided Meditation and Relaxation.

Sunday 20th September


Yamuna Body Rolling is a wonderful practice that you do using specially designed balls of different sizes. Its fantastic for relieving tension, helping you relax and feel more comfortable in your body. During menopause we can often feel achy and stiff- especially first thing in the morning. Nichi will teach you some basic sequences to help balance you physically and emotionally as well as a 30 minute face massage practice with the gorgeous yamuna face ball. We will finish the session with guided meditation and group sharing. Open level, you dont need any previous experience to join.

Sanitised equipment will be provided and balls are available to purchase on the day at a discounted rate.

About Nichi

Director of the Yoga Space, Nichi has been teaching yoga for over 19 years. She started with peri menopause symptoms around the age of 48 and really didnt understand what was going on. Suddenly she found her digestion and food sensitivity started to change as well as issues with her monthly cycle. She found that yoga practice really helped but she also had to change her practice very much around her energy levels which  shifted from day to day. At 50 menopause really kicked in and then came the sleepless nights, hot flushes, foggy memory to mention but a few. Again her practice and her diet needed to change as well as trying supplements and bio HRT. She wants to enable and support women to share experiences and discover methods that can help them navigate their way through this huge transition and will be offering more workshops over the coming months. She finds that its really not talked about enough and as women we have a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and hope that we can share.

Both of these workshops are in studio only so places are limited to only 12 students with social distancing observed. We ask that you bring your own yoga mat, a yoga belt and a block. We do have them to purchase on the day.

Cost £20 per workshop or £30 for both. ( concession places available in exchange for karma yoga- please email Nichi on yogini.green@gmail.com)

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Who Should Join

This is a women only workshop for women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms or who are going or are through menopause. Open to all levels.