Thai Massage Workshop with Tanja

Learn the basics of Thai Massage with Tanja in this relaxing and restorative workshop.

Thai yoga massage is often described as lazy yoga because it integrates simple yoga-based stretches with massage like Shiatsu, it also works on the Eastern theory of energy lines (meridians). It is an excellent full body treatment that assists flexibility, unlocks tension in the body and promotes general well-being.

It is a floor-based treatment applied through clothes making it simple to practice as needs no fancy equipment, oils, towels etc.

In this session Tanja will guide you through a simple but effective full body massage that you will be able to give to family and friends, will advise on contra-indications and give lots of tips and ideas on how to create a healing environment to make your massages feel special. There will be a handout also, so you don’t have to remember everything. If wanted Tanja can organise practice sessions so you can improve your skills.

In this workshop you will not only learn a massage routine, but you will receive the massage too. By the end you will have the basic skills to give massages to your nearest and dearest…a perfect present!!!

Tanja has over 17 years of massage experience and often says that giving a massage is as lovely as receiving one.

She is aiming to share the joy and serenity of massage with you.

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