Yoga and Yamuna 6 Week Course

A 6 week course where we will focus on a different area of the body and postures relating to that area each week. Hatha Yoga with the fantastic addition of Yamuna Body Work. We will focus on something specific every week whether it be alignment, method or a particular area of the body. Sometimes we will start on the ball to open the body, create space and align and then move into our asana practice. Sometimes we will start with Yoga. We always finish with Body Rolling. All levels welcome. Excellent if you have specific problems/ injuries or recurrent body tension. Body Rolling works quickly in a very detailed and focused way. Relaxing and rejuvenating.This class is great if you find that you have certain postures that you feel quite stuck with in your yoga practice. All levels welcome.

It will run as a 6 week course starting from Friday 25th October 9.45am-11am. You have 7 weeks to use your block in. Please go to our workshop page to book the course. You can also drop in on the day but the drop in price is £10. Class passes cannot be used.

A very unique class not only in Leeds but also in the UK. There are only a handful of Yamuna practitioners in the UK and Nichi is dedicated to bringing this fantastic bodywork to her Yoga students. Combining Hatha Yoga with body rolling allows the student to really release, align and find stillness and lightness in their Yoga practice. Yamuna Body Rolling uses a set of specifically designed balls to stimulate bone and release tension from muscles, fascia and ligaments. The effects are instant and repeating the Yoga postures once we have rolled will enable the student to experience this transformation. Your alignment will improve as well as your ability to breathe more deeply and freely. You will gain a deeper understanding of your anatomy and of your body from taking this class.

Discover how to incorporate this fabulous body work into your Yoga practice to help with your flexibility, alignment and tension.

Yamuna Body Rolling was created by Yoga teacher Yamuna Zake and is a complete body work system with fast results that anyone can do. Nichi is one of a handful of Yamuna practitioners offering this work in the UK and has been teaching it for the last 8 years. She teaches Yoga and Yamuna on http://ekhartyoga.com/ and is the only practitioner teaching via an online studio. She has seen how it has helped her own practice develop and change but also remarkable shifts and changes in her students. It is a complete body system that is accessible for everyone.

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Who Should Join

Stiff or tight hips? Imbalance in hip flexibility or lower back issues? This course is an absolute must. Come and get rolling and be prepared to be amazed.

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