Let Go-Let Love - A Jivamukti Yoga Workshop

Durga is back!!

Join us on the 1st March as we host another fantastic Jivamukti workshop with Durga Devi. This strong vinyasa style practice incorporates philosophy, bhakti yoga and wonderful music to uplift and energise you.

Control, of ourselves, others, our lives creates tension, fear and anxiety. If we are able to truly let go of the outcome we can then create space and miracles can happen!  We all just need to surrender and to let go is not about being weak, it is about becoming larger and more part of the whole.

Jivamukti yoga practice incorporates a vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating yoga class involving a vinyasa flow sequence, hands on adjustments, pranayama (breath awareness), meditation, devotional chanting, uplifting music, yoga philosophy and deep relaxation.

In this workshop we will focus on heart opening postures (backbending) to help stimulate the heart center and open up to letting go of old fears and whatever is keeping us from simply moving ahead in our lives. Combined with the ancient practice of chanting, we are then able to move beyond the thoughts and worries of the mind and into the peaceful, natural feeling of the heart. Feel more – Think less!!!!

About Durga

Durga Devi, the name given to Denise by her beloved teachers (Sharon Gannon and David Life) is a former dancer and gymnast who grew up in New York City. … Durga is Advanced Certified in the Jivamukti method, and has also completed teacher training at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Centre in New York City.

Durga has an infectious energy and incredible voice that enables her students to stay motivated throughout their practice. She is a senior teacher of this method and teaches regularly for TriYoga in London as well as running retreats in Italy and Morocco.

Read an interview with Durga here on our blog:

This workshop is not suitable for beginners and is recomended for students who have a current vinyasa style practice.

Book before 14th Feb and pay only £25. After 14th Feb tickets are £32.

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