Yamuna Body Rolling-The Shoulders


Join Nichi and learn  this incredible body work. Here we will specifically look at the shoulder routines with the Yamuna balls. Suitable for all levels and beginners very welcome. You will feel the breath deepen, your alignment improve and shoulder and neck tension melt away. Suitable for all levels. No experience necessary.

We use different size balls to roll out the spine, the shoulders, the ribs and into the abdomen creating space, aligning and releasing tension in fascia, muscle tissue and stimulating bone. The system also helps with building strength, improving bone density , muscle tone and improving the flow of energy around the body. After rolling you feel deeply relaxed but also energised.

Yamuna is a wonderful and thorough system created by Yamuna Zake and Nichi is one of only a handful of teaching practitioners in the U.K. We will look at anatomy and detail of the spine, why we have problems and discomfort in this area and how you can solve and avoid back issues with the body rolling routines. You will feel longer, taller, energized with a fuller breath. A fantastic workshop for yogis, yoga teachers, bodyworkers or those of you sat at a desk all day long and an absolute must if you have back problems. Equipment is provided and available to purchase at a discount on the day. Nichi will also provide  sequence handouts.

Nichi has been teaching body rolling for the last 8 years and seen a remarkable improvement in her own yoga practice, general health and body awareness. She has also seen it help students with a wide variety of chronic physical problems. Everyone can roll and Nichi is passionate about teaching this system so that students can take the lead in looking after their physical self and improve their overall well being.

Investment: £22 per person.

£2 of this goes to or #yogatreesplease tree planting initiative to help plant 1,000 trees in 2020

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