Yamuna Body Rolling Course - January 21st-February 25th

Yamuna Body Rolling Course

Nichi Green

Mondays 6.30pm-8pm

March 4th to April 1st

Join Nichi for this special 6 week Yamuna Body Rolling Course where she will teach you the major sequences for 5 different body areas- 1 each week. In the final week you will learn how to put mini sequences together to keep your body in check.

Yamuna body rolling is a unique system that creates space, aligns, stimulates bone and releases tension. Its like the best massage you will ever have and you do it yourself on specially designed balls. Yamuna improves body awareness, mobility, circulation and helps you self heal as you create space between vertebrae. Most pain in the body is caused by lack of space and this is a fantastic sister practice to yoga.

Nichi is one of only a handful of Yamuna practitioners in the UK and has seen and experienced fantastic results in herself and her students since teaching it over the last 6 years.

This will be small group teaching in our chapels studio at the back of the building. Equipment is provided and balls are available to purchase during the course. Handouts will be provided.

Investment: £40 for 5 weeks.

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