Yamuna- The Legs


In this workshop Nichi will go through sequences for the hips, glutes, inner thighs, hamstrings and lower legs in this deep body rolling intensive. Knee issues, balance and postural problems can all be related to how our leg aligns in the hip and movement of the femur from the hip joint. We will also roll the foot in this workshop. Booklet and equipment available to buy at a discounted price. All equipment provided. This workshop is suitable for complete beginners. Fantastic if you cycle, run or have knee problems. Learn about the anatomy of the legs and feel it as you roll on the ball. Learn how muscles connect and affect each other. You will feel an improvement in your balance, posture and energy levels.

Yamuna- The Legs

Discover how to incorporate this fabulous body work into your Yoga practice to help with your flexibility, alignment and tension.
Yamuna Body Rolling was created by Yoga teacher Yamuna Zake and is a complete body work system with fast results that anyone can do. Nichi is one of a handful of Yamuna practitioners offering this work in the UK and has been teaching it for the last 8 years. She teaches Yoga and Yamuna on http://ekhartyoga.com/ and is the only practitioner teaching via an online studio. She has seen how it has helped her own practice develop and change but also remarkable shifts and changes in her students. It is a complete body system that is accessible for everyone. She now trains studenst in this discipline. Check out her yamuna site here;


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Who Should Join

Runner or cycle? problems with knees, feet or balance? This workshop is a must. Learn the main sequences for the legs which anyone can do anytime.