Yin Yang workshop - The Upper Body

Yin Yang workshop – The Upper Body

Sarah Blenkhorn

Sunday 23rd June 2019  1000 -1230 hrs.

For many of us the upper body area can be tight due to our lifestyles of constantly looking at phones, sitting at desks working on computers, driving everywhere and chilling out on sofas watching box sets! Sound familiar?

As a resut, the neck, shoulders and upper back can become particularly tight which can restrict movement and lead to shallow breathing and headaches. Tension and  discomfort can sometimes turn into downright pain over time.

In this workshop we will move the upper body in all directions  available to us depending on what part of the body we are using. Examples of this are lateral flexion of the neck, extension of the spine or internal and external rotation of the shoulder. This will help us to find a deeper release into the upper body so we can feel a sense of freedom and more movement. We will also feel more upright so we can sit comfortably for meditation with a tall spine and with the head balanced in a better position.

Starting with a one hour Yin session to stimulate the upper body and surrounding connective tissues we will prepare the body for a one hour yang practice. Yin supports the joints and works on a deeper level thus giving the body the support it needs for  stronger yang work . By giving the body time, stillness and passivity we allow the tension in the tissues to dissolve. In this way we increase our range of movement for our Yang practice by stimulating changes within the  connective tissues of the body. Yang builds our strength, heat and energy. We need both Yin and Yang to balance our lives.

After the Yang session we will find our most comfortable and maintainable seat so we can sit for a guided meditation.

This workshop aims to  leave you not only with a feeling of space and lightness in the upper body  but also a sense of freedom, comfort, peace and renewed energy within your mind and spirit too.

Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Cost £25

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