Yoga Elemental Retreat Day 24th March

Join Nichi for this full day of yoga and meditation as we work through 4 elemental practices each finishing with a guided meditation. Sequences will be given out. A wonderful day to absorb yourself in traditional yoga practices and retreat from the stresses and strains of daily life. We will use some elements of ritual to honour and mark each part of our journey through the day. This workshop is for students with some experience of yoga.The day will split into 4 sections;

1. Fire vinyasa

A practice to stoke our inner fire and build strength, incorporating Kapalabhati breathing to awaken our energy. Working with repetitive movement sequences and core work you will feel energised and full of prana. We will then practice a walking meditation to bring us back to stillness.

2. Water Flow

Moving into a fluid Vinyasa sequence from the floor that focuses on the hips, mobility and grace. The hips allow us to move throughout our day: walking, running jumping – they create physical flow and by focusing our awareness on them we can more easily tap into the energetic flow of life within us and all around us. We will finish this sequence with Nadi Shodana pranayama to take us into meditation.

3. Air

After a light shared lunch, we will focus on balancing and heart opening practices next to deepen the breath and feel a lightness in the body and mind. Finding  space in the upper back and shoulders in this sequence, stretching out the ribs and side body and finishing with back bends. Our meditation at the end of this session will be using mantra.


Our last sequence of the day will be gentle floor based asana practice with a restorative, supported practice to allow you to settle and deeply relax. We will finish with a short yoga nidra as our final meditation practice. We will gather at the end of the day with a sharing circle.

Please bring a light shared lunch. Herbal teas provided.

Investment £35

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