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Yoga for Cyclists

At the Yoga Space many of our members cycle to class which is a great way to help the environment and your fitness, but how can yoga specifically help cyclists? 

In this blog we explore yoga poses specifically for cyclists as well as some tips on how to develop flexibility, strength, and relaxation to improve your ride. 

Take a breath

The breath in our poses makes Yoga so powerful and this can be translated through to our time on the bike.  Through deep, fluid breathing, we can take control of our heart rate and access more power.

Paying attention to the breath can also increase our mindfulness and bring us into the present which can mean we pay more attention to our body, decreasing the likelihood of injuries and also importantly increase our enjoyment of cycling. 

Yoga Poses

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A gentle warm up

Cat/cow poses will open the spine and allow us access the shoulders, and we can move the wrists in different directions too. Downward dog, the ultimate pose for the whole body engagement, and feel-good lengthening and stretching, can follow this. Some low lunges will open the hips and back of the calves.

Legs and Hips

Crescent moon (anjaneyasana) followed by half hanumanasana (half splits), will start to bring flexibility into tight hamstrings, and open the front of the hips flexors.

Long holds on any version of pigeon poses will help to work into very tight outer hips. And lying on the back of the body extending the legs with a belt will further open up the joints and muscles in the legs

Shoulders and Wrists

Poses such as gomukhasana (cow face pose) and garudasana (eagle pose) practiced an a daily basis can give more suppleness and openness in the front and back of the shoulders. As does prasarita padottanasana (wide legged forward bend) with the arms behind the back.

Cow face yoga pose from back
Cow Face Pose


All the back bending poses are brilliant for cyclists, as they open up the heart centre, make us more fearless, and counteract all our forward bending on the bike. A daily bridge pose will keep the glutes strong, the hips open and strengthen the spine.

Supported Bridge yoga pose
Supported Bridge

Unwind your Spine

Seated and prone (lying down) twists will help to unwind after a ride, and keep the spine healthy…twists can also be done on the bike while waiting at traffic lights!

Supine Twist yoga pose for cyclists

Supine Twist


Finally never underestimate the power and benefits of doing regular restorative poses. They will help to regulate your parasympathetic nervous system and recharge your joints,  muscles, and you in general


Be a cyclist, be a Yogi, save the planet!

It will give you:

  • Time to focus on your own needs
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • help to open closed areas and build the strength to stay open
  • release blocked energy

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