Yoga Immersions with Nichi Green 25th-28th August 2022

Do you want to deepen your understanding of yoga? Are you interested in discovering more about philosophy, meditation and history of yoga? Do you want to develop your yoga and meditation practice?

These 2 or 4 day immersions are an opportunity to really dedicate some time to your practice and your experience of what yoga is as well as being a prerequisite for our 250 hour Teacher Training starting in November 2022. If you are interested in the Teacher Training you must enrol for all 4 days.

The Immersion takes place at Harewood Holistics in the gorgeous grounds of Harewood House, a stately home between Harrogate and Leeds. You can join for 2 days or 4 days if you have a regular yoga practice, love yoga and/or are thinking about Teacher Training. Each day will be progressive finishing with a restorative and sound bath session on the Sunday with a guest teacher. Refreshments, smoothies and fresh fruit is provided each day. Please bring lunch with you.

This immersion is for students who have a regular yoga practice. It is not for beginners.

Daily Schedule

8:15am-9:15am Walk in grounds + Meditation

9:30-9:45am Meeting + Introductions

10-12pm pranayama + journalling + asana

12-1:15pm Philosophy, lunch + Walk

1:15-2:15pm Talk/ group work on philosophy, history/ modern yoga discussion on teaching

2:15-4:30pm Asana focus / group work

4:30-5:30 Relaxation/Restorative/ Reflections, feedback, journalling

Yoga is much more than a physical practice. Often our main experience of it is through asana but as we keep returning to our yoga mats we find that our experience of yoga begins to affect the way we think, feel and interact with the world around us. When you begin to experience these shifts you realise the enormous healing potential yoga has. Naturally you want to study it, absorb it and share your love of it with others.

This immersion gives you an opportunity to take time out, practice, ask questions and discover what studying yoga is like. It also gives you chance to be in a training group, spend time with Nichi and soak up some of her vast knowledge. Each student applying for the immersion will be sent a questionnaire about practice and areas you want to develop. There will be a zoom session before and after the course.


2 day Immersion starts 25th or 27th August


4 day Immersion


To Book

If this event is more than 8 weeks in advance you need to sign in to booking system first. Use the booking app and scroll to date: iphone or android